My Glee Rant.

Putting on my internet fire armor before I say this, as I'm sure the anonymous poster backlash will be epic on this one, but what the heck is up with Glee? Haven't been watching for most of the season but the other night, under the excuse that there was nothing else on I watched an episode. Stupid stupid stupid. Not something I plan on repeating.

Does Glee have an agenda? Could the producers be quietly getting back at every conservative Christian that ever done them wrong (or moderate, liberal Christian for that matter)? Case in point...the mockery of the Chastity Club and the musical numbers meant to drive the audience to mock Christian content. There was a distinct message: Christians are naive (afternoon delight number), Christian morality is a lie (chastity club membership), Christian material is one note drivel that has had it's day (the performance by the other show choir). For show about breaking stereotypes, it sure seems happy to enforce some others.

The rule for watching Glee in our house has always been, I'll watch it first and then if I think my 11 year old can handle the content, I'll let her watch also. That ship sailed first episode of the second season of Glee and frankly, I soon stopped watching also. After this weeks show, I remember why, I'm not the target audience for Glee.

The "Britney Spears" episode had some scenes that really bothered me - the student in the library, brought naked to Sue for a reprimand - then Will Shuster doing sexual moves on a student in the final number - um...this isn't just bothersome, it's actually considered sexual deviancy. Not fodder for a comedy about students IMHO. Then the episode entitled Grilled Cheeses...oh man where do I start - really it came down to Finn seeing the image of Christ on his sandwich.

I'm so tired of seeing 27 year olds (Puck and Finn) portrayed as teenagers - if you wouldn't hire an actual teenager to do those things, maybe you should question the material? I don't like seeing 14 year old girls try to sell me clothes I should wear and body shapes I should have. It's not age appropriate, and it doesn't honor the target audience and quite frankly is a form of pandering. There you go...rant over, lesson learned, channel changed.

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