5 Random Thoughts

  • Have you seen my husband? He's been missing for a couple weeks, word on the street is that he'll be back to a regular human schedule by the weekend. I hope so, I miss him when he's working like Taiwanese miner gone.
  • I'm really enjoying working in my new primary calling. I love the ladies I get to work with and the best part, aside from their awesomeness is the food! One of the ladies I serve with has treated us to the yummiest food every time we have a meeting, cinnamon cake with cream cheese frosting, and cream cheese smothered in red chili pepper jelly with an assortment of crackers. Fat and happy baby, fat and happy.
  • Dental woes...my back molars filling fell out, then tooth chipped...now I need a crown. Only not the cool princess/queen kind. The, hope this keeps your tooth firmly planted in you're jaw when you chew kind. At least it costs as much as a real crown would - so that's great.
  • Roopert started vomiting this morning (gross - and it's going to get grosser), I dashed out of bed like the house was on fire, got him to barf on the linoleum (hello easy clean up) went back to bed feeling fairly smug with myself, got out of bed and promptly stepped in a little pile of barf that I'd missed. Darn dog.
  • Family History bug has gotten to me and I've been having so much fun researching my family history. I found a couple family tree links that my Grandma on my Dad's side had worked on, and think that's pretty darn cool.
  • Kia is still the greatest kid in the entire world. She did FHE on Monday and shared with us that she had read the entire For Strength of Youth pamphlet in bed the previous night and shared with us some of the areas that stood out to her. Um...ya, she really did.
  • Art and how I haven't had a lot of time for it. (que frowny face and sound of a puppy whining). This bums me out, but hopefully in a couple weeks life will present some more opportunities for arting afternoons.

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