Where Eagles Fly, over Mountains High

Image of Roopert's dead Lovie - we love things to death around here...literally.

Yes, it is the season of love. Where the naysayers blame the greeting card industry and the kids wonder...what's a greeting card? Valentines Day isn't such a big deal around these parts. I've tried to make it a bit special over the years by making a nice dinner for my family (at the very least a great dessert) a candlelight dinner and perhaps a little homemade gift or chocolate treat.

In December my family actually asked me to "dumb down dinner" - an intervention of sorts. I guess I was going a little extreme with my dinners as they were eating meals such as toasted coconut chicken with a curry cream sauce and greek beef gyros with homemade tzatziki and other such titles night after ever loving night.

It was a bit much for their palettes, which wanted more basic fare such as french toast, mac and cheese and soup. I didn't really love the idea at first as my hopes of living life through the back of my Canadian House and Home magazine subscription were dashed - but I got it and I listened. Clearly some of you must be thinking, these people are crazy, but it did turn into something that made my life easier and that's a good thing, right?

Not going to listen for special days on the calendar though. I get to dust off my magazine jackets and go all gourmet on their tooshies and they have to deal! Oh where do I begin?
In other news I listed our couch and love seat on kijiji last night as a free item. INSANE response. To say that I was bombarded with interest would be putting it mildly. Kia was actually growling in frustration as she was unable to string two sentences together without the phone ringing to interrupt her every thought. 20+ phone calls and 41 emails later, the front room now sits empty and waiting new furniture arriving on the 15th.

It was really important to me that this furniture be free - we picked it up for $200 bucks 10 years ago from our neighbors and it had definitely earned it's worth and value in its lifetime with us. I wasn't sure I would be able to get rid of the old set...silly me! Roomates wanted the set, newly divorced parents rebuilding their lives, young men starting a life on their own...oh the stories... People offered me money and couldn't believe when I refused. No matter, the furniture is gone and Roopert now lives without a perch (and that is an entirely different amusing topic).

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