Show me a Bad Painting


During a course back in August called Chaos and Calm by Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen we were encouraged to revisit a bad painting, one that we had started and then abandoned in discouragement. I knew just the painting to choose.

I started this little bad boy the year we moved to Sherwood Park - That was circa 2005. Remember when blocks were so big? Ya, back then. Anyways, it sucked, couldn't make it come together the way I envisioned...and really to be honest, I didn't have a vision. I had seen a painting in a home decor magazine and thought, "I could do that". Nope, I couldn't. Painting is harder than it looks!

Enter August of 2010 and I'm challenged to rethink it. Do I just gesso over that bad boy and start again? I've done that before...a lot. Instead I challenged myself to stick with the original base of the painting and if not make it better, use it as a ground for experimentation. I looked at each block as though it was an opportunity to try a new technique or texture and it was so fun. It doesn't delight me, though I do feel it's better, but this one was about the process. Every second of the redo was fun. Love that.

Thanks Julie and Chris for the kick in the pants I needed!

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