Much love for Mucha

It's been very much an art week around here. How is that different than any other week you are probably wondering, but this week I got to go into Kia's school and teach an art class over 7 periods. I was thrilled with how great the kids responded to the class and how engaged they were with the project. It was a really great experience for me and made me love all the messy wonder that is art all the more.

I thought I'd share the image of my Mucha girl attached to the background. Doesn't quite blend the way I saw it in my head, so since this photo of the work, I've been adding some highlights and shading...blend blend blend is my motto today. I have no desire to get out of my PJ's and greet what looks like a very miserable winter day, so I'm hoarded up in the basement trying to find other pursuits to keep me busy.

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