Mermaid Continued....

This Mermaid is a feisty one. She's giving me grief! The rose came together wonderfully, but still needs to be deepened somehow. Her hair...ugh her hair. I'm thinking I'm going to soften this very harsh look she has right now with some glazes of burnt umber. That should mellow it out some...I thought maybe I'd try to relate to it's bold color palette in her tail.
I looked at oodles of fish tales and fins. I really felt drawn to a more botanical shape and so I took a huge risk and designed her tale after an Arum Dioscoridis, a lovely rare bulb found in and around Israel. . I thought it was so beautiful in it's shape and almost fin like - why not a flower as a mermaid tale?
Honestly, it's a bit of an unbalanced train wreck at the moment...but I still see something I can salvage. I love the rose, the tale and her basically I like more things than I dislike. The body of her tail hasn't even been really worked on yet, the green is just the base and I have some ideas where I can take it. So much work ahead to get this one back on track. Just thought I'd share the latest and (not so) greatest.

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