Flying like the Lady herself

Russ and I were slacker parents last night as we sent Kia to the family dance with another family and then we took in a really bad hockey game at Rexall where the Oilers lost 5-0 to St. Louis (when the Flames aren't playing who do we cheer for?). She had a great time without us, so all's forgiven.
I've been on a decluttering and cleaning blitz for the past couple days. I've decided that I'm doing FlyLady again through the month of March - in an effort to get some spring cleaning done around these diggs of ours. I have convinced a couple friends to join in, but the more the merrier - please jump in an join us!
Here's a shot of our Music room/Russyl's office - it probably doesn't look like much to anyone but me but it has been covered with junk and stacks of odds and sods for the past few months. I managed to tidy it up today and get his space back in shape - a huge accomplishment. It's been a long, indoor winter, time to use my stir crazy sensibilities for good!

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