A Change is Gonna Come

Our front room is undergoing some changes. Our palette of moss green, orange and a mix of brown is slowly being transformed to chocolate brown, blue and cream. My subscription to Canadian House and Home has been earmarked and water-stained as I've referenced different looks. We have spent many a Saturday looking at show homes, and checking out furniture stores as our little family explored what we liked and what we didn't like in the wide world of design. Not the easiest task as we are an opinionated bunch.

Above is a sneak peek, so to say, of the future color palette as it sits against our moss green wall - which hopefully I will find the energy to paint this week. The couch arrived last week (it's really a sectional of a 3 seater sofa with an attached chaise) and has been enjoyed on a daily basis. We reupholstered the ottoman from brown to this blue damask pattern today. We have some dream pieces of hand crafted furniture on the wish list for Russ to build this summer and of course more art to be discovered and possibly made for some of the other corners of the room.

I think it will be lovely and liveable by this weekend, and possibly even better by the end of summer. A work in progress...just how I like it.

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