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Flying like the Lady herself

Russ and I were slacker parents last night as we sent Kia to the family dance with another family and then we took in a really bad hockey game at Rexall where the Oilers lost 5-0 to St. Louis (when the Flames aren't playing who do we cheer for?). She had a great time without us, so all's forgiven.
I've been on a decluttering and cleaning blitz for the past couple days. I've decided that I'm doing FlyLady again through the month of March - in an effort to get some spring cleaning done around these diggs of ours. I have convinced a couple friends to join in, but the more the merrier - please jump in an join us! Here's a shot of our Music room/Russyl's office - it probably doesn't look like much to anyone but me but it has been covered with junk and stacks of odds and sods for the past few months. I managed to tidy it up today and get his space back in shape - a huge accomplishment. It's been a long, indoor winter, time to use my stir crazy sensib…

Friday Smile

I saw this image on little chief honeybee's site and it made me grin. This is such a simple, sweet little wedding proposal to Lindsay seated in the front of the log, oblivious to the question she's about to be asked.... A happy image to take into the weekend.

A Change is Gonna Come

Our front room is undergoing some changes. Our palette of moss green, orange and a mix of brown is slowly being transformed to chocolate brown, blue and cream. My subscription to Canadian House and Home has been earmarked and water-stained as I've referenced different looks. We have spent many a Saturday looking at show homes, and checking out furniture stores as our little family explored what we liked and what we didn't like in the wide world of design. Not the easiest task as we are an opinionated bunch.
Above is a sneak peek, so to say, of the future color palette as it sits against our moss green wall - which hopefully I will find the energy to paint this week. The couch arrived last week (it's really a sectional of a 3 seater sofa with an attached chaise) and has been enjoyed on a daily basis. We reupholstered the ottoman from brown to this blue damask pattern today. We have some dream pieces of hand crafted furniture on the wish list for Russ to build this sum…

Mermaid Continued....

This Mermaid is a feisty one. She's giving me grief! The rose came together wonderfully, but still needs to be deepened somehow. Her hair...ugh her hair. I'm thinking I'm going to soften this very harsh look she has right now with some glazes of burnt umber. That should mellow it out some...I thought maybe I'd try to relate to it's bold color palette in her tail. I looked at oodles of fish tales and fins. I really felt drawn to a more botanical shape and so I took a huge risk and designed her tale after an Arum Dioscoridis, a lovely rare bulb found in and around Israel. . I thought it was so beautiful in it's shape and almost fin like - why not a flower as a mermaid tale?
Honestly, it's a bit of an unbalanced train wreck at the moment...but I still see something I can salvage. I love the rose, the tale and her basically I like more things than I dislike. The body of her tail hasn't even been really worked on yet, the green is just the…


For the first time in my life I'm drawing mermaids. I don't embrace the shell bikini mermaid, she's kinda not my thing, (though no disrespect to those who love that) so it's been fun trying to work out what a mermaid is to me. I have a couple weeks to focus on this and so far, I gotta admit, it's crazy fun.
I found a beautiful misty photo spread by my favorite fashion photographer Jamie Nelson. I find so much inspiration from Jamie's work and this series for Allure magazine made me want to run for my art supplies. I must say that my girl resembles Kiera Knightley more than the model in the shoot, but hey, maybe I was thinking of Pirates of the Caribbean instead of mermaids.
I'm loving working on wood. I'm using a 16x16" beechwood panel that I picked up on clearance at DeSerres. Wood is super absorbent and I actually found that my watercolor crayons worked terribly on it, don't know how my course teacher Tam had such lovely results? Mine we…

Where Eagles Fly, over Mountains High

Image of Roopert's dead Lovie - we love things to death around here...literally.
Yes, it is the season of love. Where the naysayers blame the greeting card industry and the kids wonder...what's a greeting card? Valentines Day isn't such a big deal around these parts. I've tried to make it a bit special over the years by making a nice dinner for my family (at the very least a great dessert) a candlelight dinner and perhaps a little homemade gift or chocolate treat.
In December my family actually asked me to "dumb down dinner" - an intervention of sorts. I guess I was going a little extreme with my dinners as they were eating meals such as toasted coconut chicken with a curry cream sauce and greek beef gyros with homemade tzatziki and other such titles night after ever loving night.
It was a bit much for their palettes, which wanted more basic fare such as french toast, mac and cheese and soup. I didn't really love the idea at first as my hopes of livi…

Much love for Mucha

It's been very much an art week around here. How is that different than any other week you are probably wondering, but this week I got to go into Kia's school and teach an art class over 7 periods. I was thrilled with how great the kids responded to the class and how engaged they were with the project. It was a really great experience for me and made me love all the messy wonder that is art all the more.
I thought I'd share the image of my Mucha girl attached to the background. Doesn't quite blend the way I saw it in my head, so since this photo of the work, I've been adding some highlights and shading...blend blend blend is my motto today. I have no desire to get out of my PJ's and greet what looks like a very miserable winter day, so I'm hoarded up in the basement trying to find other pursuits to keep me busy.

Show me a Bad Painting

During a course back in August called Chaos and Calm by Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen we were encouraged to revisit a bad painting, one that we had started and then abandoned in discouragement. I knew just the painting to choose.
I started this little bad boy the year we moved to Sherwood Park - That was circa 2005. Remember when blocks were so big? Ya, back then. Anyways, it sucked, couldn't make it come together the way I envisioned...and really to be honest, I didn't have a vision. I had seen a painting in a home decor magazine and thought, "I could do that". Nope, I couldn't. Painting is harder than it looks!
Enter August of 2010 and I'm challenged to rethink it. Do I just gesso over that bad boy and start again? I've done that before...a lot. Instead I challenged myself to stick with the original base of the painting and if not make it better, use it as a ground for experimentation. I looked at each block as though it was a…