So Long Christmas

It's been a lovely Christmas season. Perhaps a personal best but all good things must come to an end. Though rarely are they boxed away and stowed in the garage for 11 months, but that just makes it unique. I really am chomping at the bit to take it all down. Kia looked so pretty all decked out for church, gotta love afternoon church when we have time to do pretty hairstyles. She's getting so grown up...we even received an invitation to New Beginnings for the YW program. Ya, that was a little overwhelming.
We pulled out some Christmas lights on Saturday and took photos with them wrapped around us, hung over us, whatever we could image. Our last hoorah before packing it all up I guess.
I am thrilled to have the regular flow of life back, I loved the holidays but by Saturday night I knew I was officially holidayed out and wanted nothing more than Monday morning to bring the regular schedule of life back into play.

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