The Seven Year Itch

Happy Blog Birthday to me (a couple days late - oops).

Seven Years!!!! OH MY GOSH!
milestones: 21 birthdays - 7 Christmases - 20 Vacations
Fun with family.
Times spent together in beautiful places.
Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, fierce storms and frigid winter days.
Fun and games.
Projects - of the woodworking kind and the training kind.
Halloweens filled with costumes galore.
Many visits from the tooth fairy.
Many moments of laughter over the silly ways of our new pup.
Breathtaking scenery.
Hobbies: Speed-stacking, scrapbooking, art.
Roopert and all the adventures that come with him.
The three of us. So much love.
Beaches and sunshine every now and then - but not enough of either.

Hope you enjoyed the smattering of random photos from the past 7 years. Here's a trip down memory lane in blog posts, randomly of course:

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