Notes from the Captive

I'm feeling a kinship with Smike from Nicholas Nickleby these days, as I'm feeling somewhat abused and held captive by the gross weather. Roopert's stir crazy, and beside himself after two mail deliveries all but whipped him into a frenzy this morning. I'd love to get out of the house but I have no desire to battle the roads and freezing temperatures, so at home I remain. Luckily, home provides me with multiple projects that need working on.

I've been stuck on a difficult rewrite piece of story, one that I framed out but requires a lot of careful wording and attention to detail. I will work on rewriting it for a couple hours only to leave it feeling bruised and squished. Hard to explain, but needless to say, having no place to go to separate myself from these feelings has perhaps been the cause of record dosage of ibuprofen consumption around here over the past days.

I've been spending my mornings (till about 9:45) doing art, and it seems to be the perfect way to start my day and get my creative juices going. I will often revisit projects in the later afternoon when Kia gets home from school and the two of us will tackle some art together. Really, this has become one of my favorite Mommy/Daughter activities.

Angels have been a theme over the past weeks, as have all things Alice in Wonderland which corresponds with our 12:34 art theme for January. Which leads to the question...What does your Alice look like?
Another fun activity has been inspired by the artist Jonas Gerard. His YouTube video's are incredibly cool to both KiKi and myself and are simply a fun way to express the emotion of painting. We're making really terrible paintings as we try to embrace this "fearless" type of painting (for those of you following my twitter posts...this is the "roadkill" painting I mentioned). Got to say it's pretty fun.
I've also been embracing my inner organizer and can be found organizing and labeling things throughout my studio. Today's victim were my Tim Holtz Distress inks that I labeled and color coded the labels as well. So much easier to find what I'm looking for! LOVE love love this.

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