Have you heard of Mucha? He was one of the creators of the Art Nouveau style, a style I seem to have a natural affinity for. He's the inspiration artist behind my course work this week. His backgrounds are decorative and quite complex. I began working on a background early this morning. Kia had no school today so the two of us have been hard at it in the art studio, listening to my course online and trying not to dip our paint brushes into our drinks.
Later I began working on a girl that will be cut out and placed on the background when it's completed. I was inspired by a palette of frosty limes and silvery grey. We'll see how it all comes together...still soooo much to do - like get my girl to not look like a Barbie.
Kia is hard at work on some studies of chinese ink paintings and a lovely portrait of a girl surrounded by bubbles that I'm loving watching her make. The weather is incredibly cold, and it's been the perfect day to hole ourselves up and paint. That's life around here this Monday...

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