A repost from January -

I was talking with someone yesterday who waxed poetic about all the reasons why they can't have the creative life they really want. Not enough money, not enough time, a family that requires every second of their day. There was no idea I could provide to her that would help; every suggestion was rejected. All was lost, all was hopeless.

I walked away from our discussion feeling sad for her, not her situation, but her. She has closed the door to possibilities and has embraced her limitations. It was almost as if she was saying: my limitations are so much greater than anyone else's, I'm so alone in the world, because I can't have it all right now, I don't want anything. Which is kinda hard to take seriously when she drives away in a Cadillac Escalade...just saying.

What I wish she understood was that we all have some sort of limitation. They are par for the course. We can get bogged down because we don't have the "stuff" we think we need to really pursue our dream. This theory is proved entirely false when we think that most of the craftspeople in the world work their trade/craft with next to nothing. On the floor, in the street, with the most basic set ups you can imagine.

What I have learned is that the most important elements/equipment you can possess for the life you dream about is passion, focus, inner motivation and a burning desire to see your work completed. You can have the best art studio, the worlds most exquisite piano, or a wood working shop fit for a PBS TV show, but without these attributes you will never move forward. On the reverse side of the coin someone is creating masterpieces with one pencil, making music with an untrained voice and creating wood pieces with the aid of only a carving knife...passion wins every time.

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