Last Week of the Capricorn

Theme of the week: breaking down
  • It started with a horrid Monday, my car covered in snow, 2.5 hours of snow removal, and yes there were tears.
  • The breaker blew and f-l-icking the switch would not bring it back. In fact it resulted in blue sparks. Not good. Luckily it was a quick fix and all was right in our world again.
  • The washing machine decided to die yesterday. It made a horrible sound on spin cycle - a sound that I new was going to be expensive - and then...nothing.
Lessons from the Theme: tender mercies abound
  • I spoke to a neighbor who has way more on her plate than me, and shovels the snow by herself and takes care of a very sick husband and perhaps many other things I'm unaware of. She has so much she is dealing with and still in this conversation she found a way to offer to help me. I felt so ashamed for my measly reason for a meltdown and truly tried to put on my big girl pants and deal with it.
  • The breaker blew...but it wasn't the furnace breaker, or the fridge, or the hot water. The lights were off in a bathroom and a bedroom and hallway. No big deal.
  • If the washing machine was going to die, it couldn't have picked a better time - being right after most of our most needed clothes had been washed.
Other happenings:
  • Kia attended New Beginnings. Yes, my little girl becomes a Beehive this year. WOW.
  • It was my Mom's birthday on Wednesday. I ended up making a birthday cake the next day, a fun little tradition I have started to remember the day that gave me a Mama.
  • Library cards were renewed this week and to make it happen a massive fine was paid off. Really, this one was a personal best. To give you a hint it was the year of Woodstock, and Woodstock cents. Though that did include renewing our membership for this year. Must be better at returning books, movies and CD's on time.
  • My first art course of 2011 (year of the pencil) started on Monday and I've been immersed into the art of Gustav Klimt all week. Which has lead me on quite the journey of various renowned artists Hieronymus Bosch, Ivan Kramskoi, and Paolo Uccello to name a diverse few.
  • Kia went to a friends house yesterday and Russ and I went out for a lunch date. I was so full afterwards that I literally didn't eat another thing that day. I'm still a little full now.
  • The weather has been mild, the roads have been terrible. Feels like January in Edmonton.

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