2011 - feels like I'm forgetting something

I honestly have this nagging, constant preoccupation that there is something really important that I'm forgetting to do, can't shake it! Weird.

2011 has been deemed the year of the pencil around these parts and so far, the pencils are in full swing as are the daily goings on of life.
  • I've finished one art project and I'm well on my way to completing a second and third.
  • I'm signed up for another art course that begins on January 17th...can't wait!
  • I've penciled in some work hours for early next week. (I'm actually doing work that produces money..yes it is true)
  • I've scheduled myself to teach an art class at Kia's school later in the month.
  • I've clocked 10 hours editing and rewriting on my book project.
  • I've taken down Christmas and Russ has shoved it all back in the garage.
  • The house isn't a total disaster area.
  • I have every intention of going grocery shopping.
Ya, I thought you might like that last bullet point. If intentions only made it happen...

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