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Have you heard of Mucha? He was one of the creators of the Art Nouveau style, a style I seem to have a natural affinity for. He's the inspiration artist behind my course work this week. His backgrounds are decorative and quite complex. I began working on a background early this morning. Kia had no school today so the two of us have been hard at it in the art studio, listening to my course online and trying not to dip our paint brushes into our drinks.
Later I began working on a girl that will be cut out and placed on the background when it's completed. I was inspired by a palette of frosty limes and silvery grey. We'll see how it all comes together...still soooo much to do - like get my girl to not look like a Barbie.
Kia is hard at work on some studies of chinese ink paintings and a lovely portrait of a girl surrounded by bubbles that I'm loving watching her make. The weather is incredibly cold, and it's been the perfect day to hole ourselves up and paint. Tha…

The 90's weren't all bad

Heard this song today and it took me back to 1994 - to Prince Rupert, to Shannon, to the ocean and forgotten beaches. Yes, my hippie is showing, but I'm a B.C. girl - it can't be helped.
P.S. Comments are back on, for the time being. Kind of an experiment - cause I actually kinda like disabled comment but not many of you appreciate being silenced. :)

The Latest Illustrations

Still working on this portrait of Kia. The hair and the dress are the areas that require quite a bit more attention. I'm kinda done for now...need to walk away for awhile and revisit later. So yes, this illustration and I are on a break.
My Goddess for my course. She's based on the model of Mother Nature. I must admit I had a hard time connecting to the Goddess archetype. I'm sure there is loads of inner exploration I should do to figure out why that is, but the meantime I look forward to doing new magical mythical makings in the weeks to come.

The Seven Year Itch

Happy Blog Birthday to me (a couple days late - oops).
Seven Years!!!! OH MY GOSH! milestones: 21 birthdays - 7 Christmases - 20 Vacations Fun with family. Times spent together in beautiful places. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, fierce storms and frigid winter days. Fun and games. Silliness. Projects - of the woodworking kind and the training kind. Halloweens filled with costumes galore. Many visits from the tooth fairy. Many moments of laughter over the silly ways of our new pup. Breathtaking scenery. Hobbies: Speed-stacking, scrapbooking, art. Roopert and all the adventures that come with him. The three of us. So much love. Beaches and sunshine every now and then - but not enough of either.
Hope you enjoyed the smattering of random photos from the past 7 years. Here's a trip down memory lane in blog posts, randomly of course:
2004 : About a Boy 2005: The Plight of the Meatball - What If's - Captain's Log 2006: Things Every Girl Should Have - You Sunk My Roasting Pan 2007: 100 Random Thing…

Last Week of the Capricorn

Theme of the week: breaking downIt started with a horrid Monday, my car covered in snow, 2.5 hours of snow removal, and yes there were tears. The breaker blew and f-l-icking the switch would not bring it back. In fact it resulted in blue sparks. Not good. Luckily it was a quick fix and all was right in our world again. The washing machine decided to die yesterday. It made a horrible sound on spin cycle - a sound that I new was going to be expensive - and then...nothing. Lessons from the Theme: tender mercies abound I spoke to a neighbor who has way more on her plate than me, and shovels the snow by herself and takes care of a very sick husband and perhaps many other things I'm unaware of. She has so much she is dealing with and still in this conversation she found a way to offer to help me. I felt so ashamed for my measly reason for a meltdown and truly tried to put on my big girl pants and deal with it. The breaker blew...but it wasn't the furnace breaker, or the fridge…

January Snow

A personal record of this epic amount of snow, less than one month into actual winter. There is a definite feeling of panic in the air, as one contemplates just how much worse it could get before the melt begins.

Beyond the Gallery - William Haskell

Beyond the Gallery - William Haskell from Zach Wolfson on Vimeo.
Came across this video and really connected with what the artist was saying about paintings being self portraits. Enjoy.

Saturday Quote

A truth most children are quick to embrace. Mom...Mom...Mom...Mom...Mom...

Notes from the Captive

I'm feeling a kinship with Smike from Nicholas Nickleby these days, as I'm feeling somewhat abused and held captive by the gross weather. Roopert's stir crazy, and beside himself after two mail deliveries all but whipped him into a frenzy this morning. I'd love to get out of the house but I have no desire to battle the roads and freezing temperatures, so at home I remain. Luckily, home provides me with multiple projects that need working on.
I've been stuck on a difficult rewrite piece of story, one that I framed out but requires a lot of careful wording and attention to detail. I will work on rewriting it for a couple hours only to leave it feeling bruised and squished. Hard to explain, but needless to say, having no place to go to separate myself from these feelings has perhaps been the cause of record dosage of ibuprofen consumption around here over the past days.
I've been spending my mornings (till about 9:45) doing art, and it seems to be the perf…

The Love Formula on TV and why it Blows

Have you noticed the TV love formula? If you haven't, let me point out Hollywood's view on "love", I mean really, if anyone knows what love is, it's the seven jaded writers sitting in a room all day hopped up on coffee. I know, right?

Formula 1: Love Rarely Acknowledged.
You know the one...the couple has chemistry, but something keeps them from being together. You as the audience member know they are perfect for one another, but somehow they aren't able to connect, something always keeps them apart; their inability to communicate, an ex back in the picture, work, fear, blah blah blah. You know they will never be together until the series finale, so we won't have to watch them screw it up. Hollywood writer you don't seem to have a real working knowledge of what a happy relationship looks like - long term, do ya?
Formula 2: Love with Wacky Hijinx.
Sure it's fun to see happy relationships, as long as they frequent coffee shops and have terrible id…

Exploring Diligence

I have to laugh when I look at this photo from yesterday, because the alternative is a fit worthy of a temperamental toddler. We had a huge, let me emphasize this again, HUGE snowfall. That pile of snow Russ is adding too, has literally, never been higher. I was outside "helping" and taking photos and I had to diligence born out of desperation? And if it is, does that mean you're doing it wrong?
I'm going to assume that most of us have experienced desperation on some level. I'm talking about making a desperate, all out attempt to avoid an impending calamity. Some of us have suffered some huge life altering events and calamities that have changes us forever, and in no way to wish to belittle anyone's experience. For the most part our little moments of desperation may be as simple as company coming to our disaster of a house, and a 5 minute window to get it tidied. It may be a financial need that must be met or you will lose something of gre…

Snow is Falling All Around

Man, will it ever stop? This may be a personal best. Hope you're staying warm in your part of the world.

2011 - feels like I'm forgetting something

I honestly have this nagging, constant preoccupation that there is something really important that I'm forgetting to do, can't shake it! Weird.
2011 has been deemed the year of the pencil around these parts and so far, the pencils are in full swing as are the daily goings on of life. I've finished one art project and I'm well on my way to completing a second and third. I'm signed up for another art course that begins on January 17th...can't wait! I've penciled in some work hours for early next week. (I'm actually doing work that produces money..yes it is true)I've scheduled myself to teach an art class at Kia's school later in the month. I've clocked 10 hours editing and rewriting on my book project.I've taken down Christmas and Russ has shoved it all back in the garage. The house isn't a total disaster area. I have every intention of going grocery shopping. Ya, I thought you might like that last bullet point. If intentions onl…

So Long Christmas

It's been a lovely Christmas season. Perhaps a personal best but all good things must come to an end. Though rarely are they boxed away and stowed in the garage for 11 months, but that just makes it unique. I really am chomping at the bit to take it all down. Kia looked so pretty all decked out for church, gotta love afternoon church when we have time to do pretty hairstyles. She's getting so grown up...we even received an invitation to New Beginnings for the YW program. Ya, that was a little overwhelming.
We pulled out some Christmas lights on Saturday and took photos with them wrapped around us, hung over us, whatever we could image. Our last hoorah before packing it all up I guess.
I am thrilled to have the regular flow of life back, I loved the holidays but by Saturday night I knew I was officially holidayed out and wanted nothing more than Monday morning to bring the regular schedule of life back into play.

Christmas Nose Bleeder 2010

We went down to Southern Alberta to visit Russyl's parents and sisters. It was pretty much two solid days of eating. As always things tend to get rowdy when the cousins are around...warning...these photos flatter no one:
Some nice dental studies ahead:
Yes, they do have an older brother, who is clearly above such behavior.
Even if their Uncle Russ is not.
We enjoyed some quieter moments making art in the early afternoon. I had brought my watercolor crayons and a project to work on and convinced everyone to join in the fun.
I think everyone managed to do a couple pages.
Grandma and most of the kids were hard at it, even though I didn't pull my camera out to capture things when they were in full swing.
Enough to fill the fridge with our artwork, the highest form of praise.