Torturing the dog...

Last year it was a reindeer outfit, this year, it's Santa glasses. They make him look so scholarly, instead of the little bad@$$ barker he is.

Keeks is home from school due to a fainting spell she had during the Christmas concert rehearsal. What is it with people faining lately? She says she felt really hot and was having a hard time catching her breath and suddenly felt like she was "floating in a daydream" which must have been the part where she fell off the second riser and cracked her noggin' on the floor. She says she doesn't feel any pain from the fall, but the fainting spell freaked her out. Another girl in grade 4 also fainted during the rehearsal. Keeks seems to be doing just fine now and we're going to go watch the Christmas concert with her, she doesn't feel all the confident about this is what seems to work. My spidey senses are tingling over this one, but she doesn't seem to have any lasting symptoms, and seeing that someone else was affected by the situtaion also, I'm trying not to be too freaked out about it.

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