Photos from the Nativity

A shot of the main room:
The displays are all tiered with layers of silks and satins as base for the displays. The Monday is spent with countless volunteers who come and iron unimaginable amounts of fabric.

Here are a few shots from the children's room I worked on. It's amazing how much one can accomplish in a short amount of time when you get in the zone. Know what I mean? My design of the room differed from years past in only a couple of ways. 1) I used shorter tables on the ends so that there would be a tables at the childrens height and as it turned out it was a great height for those in wheel chairs also. 2) I moved the tree to be the focal point of the room, as the children's room is the lucky recipient of the many beautiful Christmas tree nativity ornaments. That's about it, everything else was pretty much the same as years past.
Below are some of the lovely nativities I noticed and was able to take photos of. I went on Friday with my neighbor and noticed tons more that I loved but I was without a camera, and they'll just have to exist in my memory.
Everyone's favorite chocolate nativity set. I wouldn't eat it though it's a few years old and is lovingly placed in the freezer till next year. :)
This one is a favorite...though you're not to press the button. But if you did, the lights would focus on one room and the Christmas story would be read as the light highlighted that particular part of the story.

I don't have photos of the beautiful hall displays, the entrance, the miniature room, or the crystal room, the fine art rooms or the Christmas card display. was big this year. There is also the refreshment areas and craft room, plus a dress up area where there are countless costumes for the kids to enjoy.

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