Over Thanksgiving Becky Higgins shared the idea of creating a gratitude poster. A framed piece of paper with no glass that can be filled in with little things that family members are grateful for over a period of time - you really need to click on the link to get the full idea. A truly great idea, that I loved. The poster idea doesn't really work for me though and so I thought it would be fun to start a family gratitude journal instead. It's in one of those blank books from draw your world that I adore!
There is nothing fancy about this book and really, any book would do. The books from draw your world are 28 pages (14 sheets) and truly are a blank canvas to whatever you can imagine them to be. I wanted blank papers inside so we could do drawings as well as write thoughts. We put stickers on the front and wrote straight on the cover with a sharpie. The inside cover reads:
There is nothing new about the idea of a gratitude journal. The new idea for us, is sharing the journal, with eachl of us contributing over a length of time as we remember and recount our blessings. I hope to fill the book between this Christmas and next and look forward to a special keepsake of little joys and blessings over the year. Sounds like a great Christmas present for 2011.

This idea was also shared on our Adventing page. Seven days in already!

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