Deck the Halls

Some favorite linky love for Christmas:
  1. I'm kinda crazy for this houndstooth quilt pattern. Genius!
  2. The Bestest Attic EVER. So Jealous!
  3. A new tradition for this year...the Christmas Pickle. Pickle ornaments are at Pier 1 and cost about $3 bucks.
  4. Sparkling Book Page Wreath Tutorial. Really check it pretty!
  5. Make your own Christmas subway art with this wonderful little online program called Wordle.
  6. If you enjoy the finer points of nesting - you might love Housewife Bliss.
  7. Check out this icelandic blogger's lovely world. Makes me want to live in taupe and white.
  8. Vintage prettiness, a lovely blog at anytime of the year. Plus I think she might have taken a picture of the real Santa.
  9. My favorite craft of the moment, Fragment Jewelry! I thought of doing a tutorial but then saw that Julie Balzer had already done a fab just check hers out!
  10. If you love art - you will LOVE this FREE e-book from Messy Canvas. Download it, I dare you.
Happy Christmas linky love to you!

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