4 Sleeps!

I love having Kiki home this week. Both Sunday and yesterday she had friends over and the days were spent playing, laughing and listening to music. Today, we hustled and bustled and spoiled our boys good. We ran errands, delivered gifts, exchanged gifts, hid gifts, wrapped gifts, ate fish and chips, got many hairs cut, visited art shops, had allergic reactions to adorable kittens and visited with friends. It was a good full day.

Life has been snowy up in this part of the world.
Our poor little Roo has a very white view of the world as the snow is much higher than he is tall. I thought it would be sportsman like to clear some little running trails for my Roo so he can burn off some of his very loud energy. So I cleared a little trail that meanders through the entire backyard. Russ thought it would be fun to take a picture of me doing it. I then decided that he needed an equally flattering photo of himself, watching me...Did all the kids at school used to laugh and call ya names, hun? That's okay, I love you anyways. Cookies will make it all better.

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