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I've decided that instead of a word, I'm going to focus on an attribute I'd like to more fully develop in my life. There are some great attributes to concentrate on...such as obedience, diligence, humility, patience, knowledge, virtue, charity and love, hope and faith. I've been thoughtfully pondering these qualities and using the wonderful attribute activity found in a church manual, I've decided that I most need to develop the quality of diligence in my life.
It became clear to me this was an area that required more attention when I answered sometimes to each of the following statements: I work effectively, even when I'm not under pressure or close supervision.I focus my efforts on the most important things. I have a personal prayer at least twice a day. I focus my thoughts on my calling as a missionaryI set goals and plan regularly.I work hard until the job is completed successfully.I find joy and satisfaction in my work. I might revisit this attribute in…

Christmas lessons learned

11 is still not too old to put out cookies for just means you have a better idea of what kind he likes. Seeing the tree and all the goodies around it on Christmas morning will always be magical.
Some of the best gifts are unexpected and lay in wait to be found in the strangest places.
Unfinished projects are okay, we have embrace the idea of a "come as you are" Christmas.
Happy Boxing Day or Pajama Day #2 around these parts.

Roo Christmas Photo for 2010

Because I just can't help myself! Enjoy the season...

4 Sleeps!

I love having Kiki home this week. Both Sunday and yesterday she had friends over and the days were spent playing, laughing and listening to music. Today, we hustled and bustled and spoiled our boys good. We ran errands, delivered gifts, exchanged gifts, hid gifts, wrapped gifts, ate fish and chips, got many hairs cut, visited art shops, had allergic reactions to adorable kittens and visited with friends. It was a good full day.

Life has been snowy up in this part of the world.
Our poor little Roo has a very white view of the world as the snow is much higher than he is tall. I thought it would be sportsman like to clear some little running trails for my Roo so he can burn off some of his very loud energy. So I cleared a little trail that meanders through the entire backyard. Russ thought it would be fun to take a picture of me doing it. I then decided that he needed an equally flattering photo of himself, watching me...Did all the kids at school used to laugh and call ya names, hu…

Inspired by Pauline Baynes

I have a lovely version of the Narnia books that I picked up at second hand book shop. It's The Complete Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis with illustrations hand-colored by the artist, Pauline Baynes. I love the images in this book so much it sent me on a little search to find more work of Ms. Baynes and learn more about her as an artist. I discovered that she was the favorite illustrator of both C.S. Lewis and Tolkien himself, which really isn't that surprising since they were best friends. She recently passed away at the age of 85 and has illustrated over 100 books, one of her more recent clients wrote a lovely tribute to her here. I really love her work - so detailed and with a very consistent style of her own.

Deck the Halls

Some favorite linky love for Christmas: I'm kinda crazy for this houndstooth quilt pattern. Genius!The Bestest Attic EVER. So Jealous!A new tradition for this year...the Christmas Pickle. Pickle ornaments are at Pier 1 and cost about $3 bucks. Sparkling Book Page Wreath Tutorial. Really check it pretty!Make your own Christmas subway art with this wonderful little online program called Wordle. If you enjoy the finer points of nesting - you might love Housewife Bliss. Check out this icelandic blogger's lovely world. Makes me want to live in taupe and white. Vintage prettiness, a lovely blog at anytime of the year. Plus I think she might have taken a picture of the real Santa. My favorite craft of the moment, Fragment Jewelry! I thought of doing a tutorial but then saw that Julie Balzer had already done a fab just check hers out! If you love art - you will LOVE this FREE e-book from Messy Canvas. Download it, I dare you. Happy Christmas linky love to you…

no good deed goes unpunished

Canada Post truck gets stuck in front of my house. I watch, hopeful he will resolve the issue. He does. Yay. Little white care gets stuck in front of my house. I watch, hopeful she will resolve the issue. She doesn't. We go out to help. To no avail. Bad tires. Bad driver. ? I ask Kia to move her little self far away - worried she'd get run over in the madness. The driver did manage to almost run over my 85 year old neighbour but for 85, dude is pretty darn nimble when faced with a Pontiac Vibe. Now, the snow in front of my house is so chewed up I question whether even my husband will make it in the driveway.

On the First Day of Christmas my True Love MADE for Me.

The parties are over. The presents have been purchased. And I am finally getting to my list of projects to make. Now the random trips to Michaels and Fabricland begin. Happy 12 Days of Christmas!

Christmas Parties - Check

Work and Church Christmas parties were this weekend. To give you a little insight into the madness that is a work Christmas party here is a shot of the gifts that are opened over a few hours. It's the white elephant game but all the gifts are pretty cool. It was at Ford Edmonton's Hotel Selkirk and I thought it was a great setting for a Christmas party.
The church party was a night in Bethlehem that was really well done by the parties involved...though I didn't take photos - you'll have to take my word for it.

Happiness on a Thursday

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.
As someone fascinated by drawing, I really loved the little details of this video. Hope you do to.

Torturing the dog...

Last year it was a reindeer outfit, this year, it's Santa glasses. They make him look so scholarly, instead of the little bad@$$ barker he is.
Keeks is home from school due to a fainting spell she had during the Christmas concert rehearsal. What is it with people faining lately? She says she felt really hot and was having a hard time catching her breath and suddenly felt like she was "floating in a daydream" which must have been the part where she fell off the second riser and cracked her noggin' on the floor. She says she doesn't feel any pain from the fall, but the fainting spell freaked her out. Another girl in grade 4 also fainted during the rehearsal. Keeks seems to be doing just fine now and we're going to go watch the Christmas concert with her, she doesn't feel all the confident about this is what seems to work. My spidey senses are tingling over this one, but she doesn't seem to have any lasting symptoms, and seeing tha…


Over Thanksgiving Becky Higgins shared the idea of creating a gratitude poster. A framed piece of paper with no glass that can be filled in with little things that family members are grateful for over a period of time - you really need to click on the link to get the full idea. A truly great idea, that I loved. The poster idea doesn't really work for me though and so I thought it would be fun to start a family gratitude journal instead. It's in one of those blank books from draw your world that I adore! There is nothing fancy about this book and really, any book would do. The books from draw your world are 28 pages (14 sheets) and truly are a blank canvas to whatever you can imagine them to be. I wanted blank papers inside so we could do drawings as well as write thoughts. We put stickers on the front and wrote straight on the cover with a sharpie. The inside cover reads: There is nothing new about the idea of a gratitude journal. The new idea for us, is sharing the jo…

Tree decorated...

Tree up and decorated - check. Will need some tweeking and ribbon tidying, but I'm trying not to notice and be bothered by it. :)

Photos from the Nativity

A shot of the main room:
The displays are all tiered with layers of silks and satins as base for the displays. The Monday is spent with countless volunteers who come and iron unimaginable amounts of fabric.

Here are a few shots from the children's room I worked on. It's amazing how much one can accomplish in a short amount of time when you get in the zone. Know what I mean? My design of the room differed from years past in only a couple of ways. 1) I used shorter tables on the ends so that there would be a tables at the childrens height and as it turned out it was a great height for those in wheel chairs also. 2) I moved the tree to be the focal point of the room, as the children's room is the lucky recipient of the many beautiful Christmas tree nativity ornaments. That's about it, everything else was pretty much the same as years past.
Below are some of the lovely nativities I noticed and was able to take photos of. I went on Friday with my neighbor and noticed to…

My Favorite Christmas Song...still

I'm still loving my Mormy Tabs with Sissel Christmas CD called Spirit of the Season. I can't get enough of it and this song always leaves me in tears, I love when the mens chorus comes in. Just had to share again! It's kind of a mash-up of the verses from Angels from the Realms of Glory and the Chorus of Angels we have Heard on High.
P.S. When you think it'd done move your cursor to min 6:35 for the encore.

Maybe wholeness means a little bit more, maybe wholeness, my dear can't be bought from a store.

i feel like all i want to do is create. stories, paintings, drawings, gifts, pretty things, messy things, long run on sentences that sweep across countless pages. i live with this constant tension, pulling me to this little cave of creativity, down away from the world, into a world of my own. i know i need other outlets, i know other things are required of me, even if i have no desire to see them done.
my house is calling me from little messy corners, from cluttered counters and filled up sinks. but i don't want to listen. giving my energy to these duties, depletes my energy for creativity. i am stingy with where it is spent. clothes need washing, food needs preparing, loved ones need loving. i am needed as a mother and as a wife. i appreciate those who need me. i appreciate the needs of my inner spirit also.
christmas boxes are sitting, dusty and unopened in every open space of this tiny house and i dare not begin, because it will take me away from what i long to be doing…

These are a few of my favorite things...

Working at the church for the past three days has really been a great experience. I've truly enjoyed setting up the children's room and have been feeling such a lovely sense of inner contentment and satisfaction. Spending 3 days surrounded by almost a thousand nativities of all shapes and sizes, really gets you in the spirit of Christmas, even if it has had the opposite effect on my desires to decorate my own house for Christmas.
I thought I'd share a few of my favorite little nativities as homage to the past few days...I'll share more after the exhibit is finished, because I don't want to spoil anything for those planning on attending. I love vintage paper and postcard and discovered this little treasure tucked away in the cultural hall. I was instantly in love with such a precious time worn little paper. The repeated image is so lovely and the wonderful aged qualities of the corner and fold lines warm my heart.
I soon discovered that I have an infinity towards…