Shop Talk - Organization and Storage

Organization ideas for your creative space.

I'm no expert, but I'm constantly fascinated with how folks are storing and organizing their tools, so I thought I'd provide some more insights as to what works for me. Clearly, I am not matchy matchy, and tend to prefer using stuff I have around the house rather than going shopping for something new.

I've shared my idea for using clipboards for storage...but here's a link to that idea for those interested in seeing it.

Here is an example of using an old tray for storage: The great thing about a tray is it is mobile, which makes it a great option for folks who don't have a room, your goodies can sit on a shelf and be moved where needed. This was a tray I used in the garden and later found it more useful in the studio.

Wooden Box from the Dollar Store.
I had decorated it for something completely different and found it wasn't being used...this little wooden pine box works great for storing my watercolor crayons.

Plastic Bins - nothing original here!
I found these little stackable containers at the Big M store. They worked great for my craft paints and have also started working good for some of my higher grade paints, though I would much prefer to have a shallow shelf where I could display them better vertically - as I prefer to have a more visual storage system. I also have a large clear bin that works great for my clear stamps. The seasonal stamps and smaller stamps I use in art journaling, I keep close at hand, while the rest of my rubber stamps are on the bookshelf across the room.

Cookie/Biscuit TinsCookie tins are easily availabe at any second hand shop or house for that matter. They work great for storing odds and ends. The top tin is filled with various tapes and the bottom I store with collage papers. For storing collage papers it is truly brilliant, and I'd love to find some more large flat tins for the same duty.

Baskets and Bins
This system needs some tweaking. It takes me way too long to rifle through my distress inks when I'm searching for a certain color. They're all together, but really...that's about it. I'd love to learn some better ways to store my (22) favorite inks! I have oodles more stamping inks that I keep in another basket on the book shelf.

Under my art table I have a basket filled with canvases and wooden frames. I have a bin filled with extra art supplies and another filled with crafting material I rarely use, but hate to part with. For each of these jobs, baskets and bins can't be beat.

Paper - I mentioned that I'd share my favorite paper for mixed media and here it is - If Santa is a blog reader of mine...a couple of these would be lovely!

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