Seasoning the Cauldron

A quiet little day here at home. I usually have a long list of things I want to get done in a day. Not today. I'm taking it off. I'm feeling crabby and crummy and have decided that today I can relax a bit, with my permission. There are constant duties that can't be overlooked (all the little heartbeats in the house require nourishment) but there are others that can be overlooked (hello, computer, goodbye computer).

Here is a short series of photo's that I snapped prior to this post.
Roo in his favorite spot, where he barks at anything he deems inappropriate that may be happening on the other side of the glass...birds landing on our yard, cats sunning themselves on cars, teenagers walking and wearing hoodies all are met with a sound scolding from Prince Roopert.
Russ is no longer in cubs, but has moved to scouts. A little project in the front room of us organizing the badges for the boys.
Russ brought roses home on Monday. They are succulent and fully bloomed today. It's like an anniversary week of loveliness watching these flowers get more beautiful every day.
The casualties from last night. Oh, Halloween candy - you are evil. Yes, all those wrappers around the bowl were eaten in one sitting (shameful).
A sketch that I started earlier this week, still in progress. Um, her hair seems a bit flat, poor thing. Lol. Still learning and having fun with art.

Well I have a new book with my name on it and plan on cuddling up on a comfy chair, under a homemade quilt and reading a couple hours away. Have a good one!

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