Little Lists and some art supply recommendations for Christmas

I mentioned before that one of the tasks you must learn to master when you work from home is being accountable to a do list of your own making. Well, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I know most of us are used to to do lists that say such things as: grocery shopping, vacuum, laundry, scrub toilet, defrost roast, wash get the idea. This stuff must get done, but just as important to our well being are the doing of things we enjoy. Now if you enjoy doing the things on the first list...power to you, but I don't, and sometimes need a little push to make time for the things I enjoy doing.

One such activity that I enjoy doing, is art journaling. For the month of November I have challenged myself to make one page a day. It is a daunting goal, but one that I have been thoroughly enjoying. I've been practicing drawing girls, so many pages have been devoted to that task.
Kia has also been working like gangbusters on her art journals and is now on her second book. I'm really impressed with her ability to stick with this and have been just as thrilled as she is with the results and improvements in her art ability.

I know many of my readers have children that are interested in art and I have a few recommendations to send your way...with Christmas coming up, these would make great gifts for the little artist, or big artist in your world.
Hands down the best investment we ever made for our art journaling as been watersoluable crayons (as seen in the photo above). I have three different brands, and for the purpose of art journaling they are all great. The best bang for your Canadian buck is the Mungyo set of 36 at Deserres for under $30. Staedtler also provides a good starter set in packs of 12 that can be purchased through most Michaels and when mixed with the coupon are usually under $10. THE brand and most beautiful to use are the NeocolorII made by Caran D'Ache, sets of which can run from $18 - $200+, depending on the size of set you purchase (SANTA are you listening?).

Personally, I recommend the Mungyo set as a similar sized set of the Caran D'Ache will cost around $57.00. All the colors in the art journal pages above were made with my Mungyo set, excluding the black paint used for eyes, white paint used for softening and the graphite used for drawing. It is brilliant for coloring, painting, washes and more things than I could possibly list. Kia and I may eventually make a video of the many things one can do with watersoluable crayons.

I would recommend purchasing a stack of watercolor paper at 140 lbs or greater and let them loose. I particularly like the classroom value pack available from Strathmore - 24 sheets for $14.99 (and it's always going on sale for half price) Another product that is catching on and I think is brilliant are these big blank white books from Draw Your World. Elizabeth Kartchner shared this idea on her blog and I LOVE it and think we should all get on board.

SO, make a list of fun things to do and do them! If you love to sleep, but never make time to get enough of it! If you want to sit and play video games for an hour with no guilt, do it! Life is meant to be enjoyed...what are you waiting for?

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