The beautiful autumn days are a distant memory now as the weather has taken a turn to the demonic. It's too cold to speak of. It is the temperature-which-shall-no-be-named, kind of cold. I have a few sales I need to take advantage of over the next few days and must find the will to bundle up and get out. I purchased some of those Olympic red mittens and they ROCK! This morning they kept my poor arthritic fingers toasty warm even as I scraped ice off the windshield in -30ish temperatures. This I LOVE (the warm fingers not the cold temps).

The arctic temperatures find the three of us indoors and home most evenings, and for the past two days we have filled a good part of the night playing Phase 10 (basic card version). It is definitely the family game of the moment. Past obsessions have been Rukshuk, Zigity, Yahtzee, and not to be forgotten Killer Bunnies. All of which we still enjoy, though I may have filled my lifetime Yahtzee quota. My family tends to not enjoy games that I do well Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are not on the list, even if they rank high on mine. Kia often wants to play a game with just one of us and her favorites are Trouble, Connect Four and Blokus and currently Russ is looking to purchase a strategic card game (this is it) he's played at work (during his lunch break) with some of the guys. Sounds like a game I will be horrible at, which will make him love it all the more.

I'm on the lookout for some new games to purchase at Christmas please, share a suggestion! Yes, comments are turned on! WHoo HOO.

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