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Almost Done

My portrait of Mary is pretty much complete. The background is reflecting funny in this photo as the back reads more silver on the right side than it's been picked up in the photograph...whatever. I'm not thrilled with the end result, but I am pleased that I'm finished in time to display it at the exhibit this week. One victory...and maybe I'll love it more after I frame it. We'll see.

Ornamental Nativity Exhibit

I hope all of those readers in the area are able to drop by this years Ornamental Nativity Exhibit. It's such a beautiful and varied display of manger scenes, you really will be amazed at the variety that is out there! Plus, I'm in charge of decorating the children's room this year and at the very least you want to come and check that out, right?
December 2nd, 3rd and 4th this week (Thursday through Saturday) from noon to 9pm daily. Free admission! It's at the LDS Church in Sherwood Park, just kitty corner from Michaels at 2090 Sherwood Drive.


I can't believe it's that time of year again; time for the annual Advent tradition and all the preparation that comes with it. Last years new take on the tradition (advent'ING) was such a success that I can't wait to do something similar again this year. Thanks to all those who have used this idea in your homes, church groups or modified it to a 12 days of Christmas tradition.
If you want to know more about our Advent on the tab at the top of this blog and it will show you a link to new page dedicated to everything ADVENT or click this link to be taken directly there. Throughout the season you'll find lots of ideas for activities, gifts and recommendations of our favorite books, movies and keep checking back for ideas galore!

Ornament Exchange 2010

Ornament Exchange is tonight. 26 homemade ornaments are finished, packaged and ready to go. Did I mention how much I LOVE them? So pretty with centres mixed with vintage stamps, ribbons, buttons and funsies, all surrounded by a medallion of gorgeous satin...delicious! I dare not share a better photo, as I'm cheating by even sharing a bad photo before the "big reveal". Some attendee's may be blog keep it secret, keep it safe - k?


The beautiful autumn days are a distant memory now as the weather has taken a turn to the demonic. It's too cold to speak of. It is the temperature-which-shall-no-be-named, kind of cold. I have a few sales I need to take advantage of over the next few days and must find the will to bundle up and get out. I purchased some of those Olympic red mittens and they ROCK! This morning they kept my poor arthritic fingers toasty warm even as I scraped ice off the windshield in -30ish temperatures. This I LOVE (the warm fingers not the cold temps).
The arctic temperatures find the three of us indoors and home most evenings, and for the past two days we have filled a good part of the night playing Phase 10 (basic card version). It is definitely the family game of the moment. Past obsessions have been Rukshuk, Zigity, Yahtzee, and not to be forgotten Killer Bunnies. All of which we still enjoy, though I may have filled my lifetime Yahtzee quota. My family tends to not enjoy games that…

Shop Talk - Organization and Storage

Organization ideas for your creative space.

I'm no expert, but I'm constantly fascinated with how folks are storing and organizing their tools, so I thought I'd provide some more insights as to what works for me. Clearly, I am not matchy matchy, and tend to prefer using stuff I have around the house rather than going shopping for something new.
I've shared my idea for using clipboards for storage...but here's a link to that idea for those interested in seeing it.

Here is an example of using an old tray for storage: The great thing about a tray is it is mobile, which makes it a great option for folks who don't have a room, your goodies can sit on a shelf and be moved where needed. This was a tray I used in the garden and later found it more useful in the studio.

Wooden Box from the Dollar Store.
I had decorated it for something completely different and found it wasn't being used...this little wooden pine box works great for storing my watercolor crayons.


Saturday Saturday

Russ shot out of bed like a firecracker this morning as he remembered he was to take part in yet another Woodbadge course. Will they ever end? At least this time he is a student again and not a trainer. So Kia and I are up to our own devices...again. She's been painting some wooden buildings and animals and I have been working on my second class of Fabulous Faces. I'm trying to do a portrait of Mary for Christmas. I really don't know what I'm doing but I'm learning so much every second and now have to figure out how to paint a scarf around her...only I don't have a clue as to how one does that. I figure I'll photograph Kia with a scarf draped around her and see what I come up with. Art is fun and DIFFICULT, but mostly fun. Don't know why I decided to paint teeth...what was I thinking? Her mouth should have been closed - so much simplier (well easier than this, anyway).

Half Not Stupid

I'm taking another art course called Fabulous Faces and here are the results of my first lesson. I'm trying to push myself to share...even when I'm not thrilled with results, in hopes that I will see some improvement over the course. Wish me luck and have a great Friday!

Little Lists and some art supply recommendations for Christmas

I mentioned before that one of the tasks you must learn to master when you work from home is being accountable to a do list of your own making. Well, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I know most of us are used to to do lists that say such things as: grocery shopping, vacuum, laundry, scrub toilet, defrost roast, wash get the idea. This stuff must get done, but just as important to our well being are the doing of things we enjoy. Now if you enjoy doing the things on the first list...power to you, but I don't, and sometimes need a little push to make time for the things I enjoy doing.
One such activity that I enjoy doing, is art journaling. For the month of November I have challenged myself to make one page a day. It is a daunting goal, but one that I have been thoroughly enjoying. I've been practicing drawing girls, so many pages have been devoted to that task.
Kia has also been working like gangbusters on her art journals and is now on her second book. …

"Only Child" the rant continues...

Do I take exception to the phrase "only" child? Would it bother you if people repeatedly kept saying, you ONLY have one vehicle? You ONLY went to school for 2 years? You've ONLY been in an airplane once? There is something about that phrase that holds a judgement and the judgment seems to say, you're not good enough just as you are and quite frankly, that's crap. I have a daughter and there's not an only in sight.
FYI: Yes, I formally challenge the phrase, "only child" and think we can come up with something a little more, glass half full people!

It's not about the final note

Thoughts on Being a Homebody followed by a RANT.

I realized today that I am a happy homebody. Don't get me wrong, I still have moments when I yearn to! But for the most part, I could quite easily become a hermit and on the coldest darkest days of winter, at the very least have compassion for an agoraphobic.
When I first decided I was going to work from home, I had some major issues with the idea of being alone for most of the day (ask my poor husband). I longed for the opportunity to interact with other people...grown-ups, children, anybody! I've learned that I have to make an effort to be social by having a lunch date with a friend, getting out to the gym, walking the dog, stopping to chat with a neighbor, or picking up the phone and talking with a friend. It's taken awhile to hit my stride, and I've had to learn how to become accountable to a to do list of my own making, but I have the opportunity to pursue my dreams from the comfort of my home and I wouldn't trade it for anything …

Fall Break

Last year, Fall break was a floury of activity as we spent 11 days in California having nothing but fun. Still having fun this Fall break but in vastly different way, small little trips around town, friends over, movie watching, cookie baking, crafting and reading books. My to do list has never been so productive and the Fall weather in Northern Alberta has never been so wonderful. Plus, who needs the flashy Mr. Incredible when one has the real thing at home, eh? (nice one)

If I Were - A blog tag

If I were a month I’d be July If I were a day I’d be Friday If I were a time of day I’d be 12:34pm. If I were a planet I’d be B-612 If I were a sea animal I’d be a starfish If I were a direction I’d be west If I were a piece of furniture I’d be something Russ built If I were a liquid I’d be bubble tea If I were a gem I’d be a ruby If I were a tree I’d be a cherry tree If I were a tool I’d be a sander If I were a flower I’d be a lily If I were an element of weather I’d be wind If I were a musical instrument I’d be a violin If I were a color I'd be red If I were an emotion I’d be calm If I were a fruit I’d be a peach If I were a sound I’d be quiet If I were an element I'd be earth If I were a car I’d be a vintage Land Rover If I were a food I’d be sushi If I were a place I’d be a garden If I were a material I'd be white cotton eyelet If I were a taste I’d be savory If I were a scent I’d be cinnamon If I were a body part I’d be hands If I were a facial expression I'd be amused If I were a song I’d…

Seasoning the Cauldron

A quiet little day here at home. I usually have a long list of things I want to get done in a day. Not today. I'm taking it off. I'm feeling crabby and crummy and have decided that today I can relax a bit, with my permission. There are constant duties that can't be overlooked (all the little heartbeats in the house require nourishment) but there are others that can be overlooked (hello, computer, goodbye computer).
Here is a short series of photo's that I snapped prior to this post.
Roo in his favorite spot, where he barks at anything he deems inappropriate that may be happening on the other side of the glass...birds landing on our yard, cats sunning themselves on cars, teenagers walking and wearing hoodies all are met with a sound scolding from Prince Roopert.
Russ is no longer in cubs, but has moved to scouts. A little project in the front room of us organizing the badges for the boys.
Russ brought roses home on Monday. They are succulent and fully bloomed today. It&#…

Creating for Christmas

50 days till Christmas and already I have Facebook friends bragging that they are done Christmas shopping. Is that sick or what? I'm tempted to call bullcrap on them, but will try to resist and have compassion for the plight of the perpetually well planned - you know who you are. I, on the other hand, am chin deep in a project for the holidays that is turning out to be too much fun and too time consuming and will quite possibly keep me busy till the night before Christmas. Ah, traditions.
In other Christmas news I've been asked to assemble and decorate the children's nativity room at this years Ornamental Nativity Exhibit that our church puts on the first week of December. Still trying to wrap my brain around this assignment and the many days it will take up. Plus lately, the phone has been ringing off the hook with other little "church" assignments people would have me do (musical numbers, teaching classes, cooking for gathering throngs to name a couple) I ha…

Great Gift Idea for the Resident Artist

I love this tutorial for making an art journal. It's found at Little Big Girl Studio and it's the cat's meow if you ask me...

Birthday Girls Weekend

Took 6 girls to Red Robins on Friday night. Though I must protect their identities...oh the pictures I could share...
There was video games, facials, karaoke, pranks, movies, food, presents and mayhem. I have the funniest video that shows the craziness of the night. Totally wish I could share it. are some little thank you pictures I drew for the girls goodie bags.
We were out and about on Saturday, Kia was wanting to spend her birthday money and managed to make a small dent.
Trunk or treat was later that night and Kia decided she was just going to go for a wacky look. Kind of punk, kind of nerdy, with blue hair.