Vehicle Shopping

I mentioned on Twitter that it is time to replace our SUV. It's a 2001 Ford Escape that has many km on it, and for the past year we have been pondering what we should do...and what we should replace it with (though we should pause and have a brief moment of silence in memory of a Ford that didn't cause us too many problems - K...done). An issue with the transmission has recently made the decision for us and we have been car shopping for a little over a week.

You may have noticed that we are a family of three. At such a size the requirements for a vehicle are somewhat different from those with whom we associate. We don't need a mini van or large SUV, even though the standard transportation in this town seems to be Mom's driving decked out Escalade's and Yukon's with not a passenger in sight...we don't require such a large vehicle (though I adore the Toyota Sequoia). A mini van would be cool for trips and scouting ventures. A truck would be helpful for hauling junk away and buying wood for home projects (though our '91 GMC shows no sign of stopping). A sports car would be cool for Russ, but we need something a bit family friendly.

You see the dilemma? Plus, on top of that, Russ is not a fan of the crossover vehicle genre, so that's out. Long story short, we have test drove a fair number of vehicles, made lists of what we want, sat in stuff we thought we would love but didn't, got frustrated with ourselves for not liking some of the sweet deals out there, but finally finally finally made a decision and now we will have our weekends and evenings back because Russ picks up his new (to him) ride tonight and I couldn't be happier to be done. Car shopping kinda sucks the life out of me.

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