Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a much needed weekend at home, though we did miss seeing the extended family, we truly needed to get some jobs done around our house in preparation for the colder days ahead. I roasted a turkey on Sunday, because I wanted gravy and stuffing and then I made homemade turkey soup on Monday. Yum!

Russ finished the shelves in his office and they look so amazing! Our junk on them won't do them justice in the beauty department but they will do what they were meant for, and that's gotta count for something.
We topped the shelf with an inlay of slate. I love how it looks. There is still one shelf that needs to be restained due to some drips we didn't notice, but for all intents and purposes this bad boy is done.
Kia wondered around Sunday taking photos of everything. Even Mom and Dad.
And Roopert of course. No wait, I think Russ took this one.
Monday we started moving stuff back in the office, Russ got up on the roof and cleaned out the eaves trough's - ewww, Kia and I raked some leaves, we did fence repair, cleaned out the shed and packed it back up, Russ played with three computer towers turning them into two, and we caught up on some chores around the house that have been put off for too long. We watched the Disney movie Earth for FHE and that was about it.
We had the sad news that Russyl's uncle passed away on Sunday afternoon. We were prepared for his passing, but the news always brings with it a strange quality. The air becomes a little sterile, our minds sharpen with memories, we breathe differently. He was a true gentleman, a father to four daughters and a loving husband to the end. Everything was a little bittersweet this weekend as I remembered him throughout the chores of the day. I looked at Kia in the dappled sunlight raking the leaves and I thought of what a blessing this day was, that very moment. I enjoyed the small tasks, appreciated that my body could do them, appreciated that I had beloved people to do them for. Wanting to honor each breathe in memory of man who made so much of each one he took. May God bless and keep you Uncle Bill...

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