Studio Tour and Art Happiness

I have dropped the blogging ball. I've been trying to use my time more effectively, and in so doing, don't have a lot of free time on the computer. I also haven't had much to say, so it's all good. Today I thought I'd share some photos of the studio and some of the art work I've made recently.

Here's a bit of a sneak peek at the ornament I'm making for the exchange this year. The final design is slightly different but this is one of the prototypes that I played with: I have art laying around the studio and really need to find a better storage system before I destroy this stuff. I usually have it all stacked on a shelf, but the girls were over last night and so I pulled them out to share.
Check out the art easel Russ made for's so massive and I love it. I don't love the painting sitting on it right now though. It's an assignment for a class and I hate it. I've even given it a mocking title called, "Eggs in Space". This one might be a do over.

Most of my ribbon wand supplies are stored on the pine shelf and the bookshelf is filled with stamps, photos, scrapbooks and misc supplies. I plan on moving all the completed scrapbooks to the renovated office just off the Den, so that will free up a shelf for more storage options.
Years ago, Russ brought this wine rack home and it has been a source of happy organization possibilities ever since. I love having things morph and made to work. I'm not matchy matchy and like odd storage solutions. Recent changes have been moving my stickers to the work desk. I also like having my unopened goodies in this silver bin where I can rifle through them. The rack works perfect for punches, don't know where I saw this, but loved the idea and had to try it.

My clipboard storage continues to be one the best additions I ever made to my studio space. It's constantly changing and holding different things. The latest is me hanging ribbon and lace over the clips and mixing framed art in amongst the clipboards.
Then there is the source of all happiness, my art supply table made of an old door. I love this door. It's covered in paint splashes and stained for life and it couldn't make me happier. I said to the girls last night that I never want to part with it and when I croak from paint fumes I want Russ to make my casket with this bad boy. It's ugly and huge and I adore it.
Some close ups of random little areas. I didn't tidy up for the photos, so the fact that nail polish is sitting by dirty paint water - is a true representation of how things look down here.
Here's a larger pan of the room in all it's organized, yet imperfect, randomness. I spend almost my entire day in this area writing and creating. It's a room that is lived in and a source of happiness to me.
Enough of looking at rooms, time to share some of the things I've been making on that big old table and art easel. Here are a few art pieces I've completed that are currently displayed in the front room:

These are a couple mixed media pieces that I love and hope to fill the entire wall with these small 8 x 10 canvases styled in various colors and images. I'll keep updating the changes as they develop.
And just a hint of Halloween around the house. If I had more storage I might go a bit more crazy, but this is about as decorated as my house gets.
Happy Friday and make some time to be creative in whatever way rocks your boat.

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