Productive Girls Night

Every 9 months or so, I have the urge to host a crafty night with a couple of my besties. Usually they are a bit of a joke because we end up getting nothing accomplished... but not this time. We were crazy productive, knocking out project after project and still gabbing the night away. Medicinal halftime fare of lemon squares, apple crisp and pop might have also helped.Heather worked on a little baby scrapbook for her son who has a love of babies that knows no bounds. It's such a sweet little book because the pages are adorable but most of all the purpose of the book is an adorable request from a sibling that loves his baby brother and doesn't want him to grow up. My friend Kari Lynn is the queen of thrift and after a quick raid of the Big Guy's workshop she made some great Halloween signs for her yard. One says, "vampires suck" and the other says "eat, drink and be scary". I finished the centers for the 26 ornaments I'm making for the exchange in a month. I only finished half that night but finished the other half the next afternoon - mostly because I didn't want to clean it all up until I was done. Now I just have the back and the canvas to apply and I'll be done! This was the biggest job by far. Gotta love being productive and when friends are in the mix, even better.

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