My Favorite Book

I have many books that I love. Books I adore to the point of memorization. Books I revisit on an annual basis, or when the whim strikes. There are books that I have multiple copies of because I've broken the spine of my original and pages have fallen out (the Power of One is one such example) Then there are books that have forever stayed with me and made me think long after the last sentence was read, The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery is that book for me.

It's the perfect example of simplicity in story telling. The book can easily be read in one sitting, but the simplicity is almost deceptive, because under the neat little conversations lie endless allegory's on the nature of man. As a child I loved the idea of traveling through space and finding all these strange little places, but still longing for home and familiar things. Now as I read it, the Mother in me connects with how the little prince feels about his rose, "with only four tiny thorns to protect her against the world..."

Just in case you're looking for a book that your kids and you can both enjoy...keep this one in mind. It will teach you what tame means...why we need lamp lighters and the importance of trying to draw, even when we don't think we know how.

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