A Goodbye

We made a day trip down to Calgary on Saturday to attend Uncle Bill's funeral. It was a beautiful service in the memory of the beautiful person he was. I was touched by the cub scouts who acted as the Honour Guard. Imagine a dozen small boys standing at attention as the mourners walk past them, all in loving memory of their beloved cub leader. It made me tear up, even though I tried to smile and show them I thought they were doing a great job. Earlier I had seen two of them crying under a tree of the church grounds, as they worked up their courage to do their assignment. Like they said at the funeral...taking the grief out of death is possible only by taking the love out of life, and who would want that?

I loved hearing the Biography shared by his best friend Lee Fairbanks. I image it's a pretty heartbreaking task to give such a speech regarding your dearest friend (makes me glad I'm not the chosen one - er - Shelly). He summed up his talk with the words to an old song: And I can't explain - It's surely not his brain that makes me thrill - I love him because he's wonderful - Because he's just my Bill. Sniff. They had a police escort to the grave-site, which was pretty awesome and a lone bagpipe player started playing at the graveside. It really was a wonderful tribute.

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