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Make a Wish

What! Two boyfriends! Good thing we only started with 5 candles.

A nice birthday was spent at home with the kidlet. Her favorites were served for supper, best noodles in the world and homemade chicken cordon blue with chocolate pavlova for dessert. Yum for everyone. Birthday party sleepover is tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Birthday Dash

Haven't wrapped any presents yet. Where's the wrapping paper? Need to make Pavlova. Do I have enough eggs? Chicken Cordon Blue is the requested birthday dinner. Do we have bread crumbs in the house?
It's that kind of a day. 11 years should be enough time to get my act together.
But I've had time to go on picnik and make this:
And eat one of these...just saying. I can make time for the strangest things.

Vehicle Shopping

I mentioned on Twitter that it is time to replace our SUV. It's a 2001 Ford Escape that has many km on it, and for the past year we have been pondering what we should do...and what we should replace it with (though we should pause and have a brief moment of silence in memory of a Ford that didn't cause us too many problems - K...done). An issue with the transmission has recently made the decision for us and we have been car shopping for a little over a week.
You may have noticed that we are a family of three. At such a size the requirements for a vehicle are somewhat different from those with whom we associate. We don't need a mini van or large SUV, even though the standard transportation in this town seems to be Mom's driving decked out Escalade's and Yukon's with not a passenger in sight...we don't require such a large vehicle (though I adore the Toyota Sequoia). A mini van would be cool for trips and scouting ventures. A truck would be helpful for h…

Mowing by moonlight...

We took the weather forecast seriously and kinda made last night our last hoorah of Autumn so to speak. I barbequed our favorite supper and late into the evening when it was dark, Russ mowed the lawn for the final time of 2010 - yes, in almost complete darkness. I even took a picture to prove it. It was dusk when he started and full on dark when he finished. Good thing we had enough light to go over the yard in search of lawn mower hazards before he started. One of those moments when you wonder, what must the neighbours think? I had so much wood to clean up, from a scout activity in the backyard that it was easier to just have a firepit than carry it all back to the wood pile. Plus...any excuse...

My Favorite Book

I have many books that I love. Books I adore to the point of memorization. Books I revisit on an annual basis, or when the whim strikes. There are books that I have multiple copies of because I've broken the spine of my original and pages have fallen out (the Power of One is one such example) Then there are books that have forever stayed with me and made me think long after the last sentence was read, The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery is that book for me.
It's the perfect example of simplicity in story telling. The book can easily be read in one sitting, but the simplicity is almost deceptive, because under the neat little conversations lie endless allegory's on the nature of man. As a child I loved the idea of traveling through space and finding all these strange little places, but still longing for home and familiar things. Now as I read it, the Mother in me connects with how the little prince feels about his rose, "with only four tiny thorns to pr…

A Goodbye

We made a day trip down to Calgary on Saturday to attend Uncle Bill's funeral. It was a beautiful service in the memory of the beautiful person he was. I was touched by the cub scouts who acted as the Honour Guard. Imagine a dozen small boys standing at attention as the mourners walk past them, all in loving memory of their beloved cub leader. It made me tear up, even though I tried to smile and show them I thought they were doing a great job. Earlier I had seen two of them crying under a tree of the church grounds, as they worked up their courage to do their assignment. Like they said at the funeral...taking the grief out of death is possible only by taking the love out of life, and who would want that?

I loved hearing the Biography shared by his best friend Lee Fairbanks. I image it's a pretty heartbreaking task to give such a speech regarding your dearest friend (makes me glad I'm not the chosen one - er - Shelly). He summed up his talk with the words to an old so…

I Know That My Savior Loves Me

Gearing up for the primary presentation in a little over a week and came across this adorable little number. So sweet! I love little singing voices.

Productive Girls Night

Every 9 months or so, I have the urge to host a crafty night with a couple of my besties. Usually they are a bit of a joke because we end up getting nothing accomplished... but not this time. We were crazy productive, knocking out project after project and still gabbing the night away. Medicinal halftime fare of lemon squares, apple crisp and pop might have also helped.Heather worked on a little baby scrapbook for her son who has a love of babies that knows no bounds. It's such a sweet little book because the pages are adorable but most of all the purpose of the book is an adorable request from a sibling that loves his baby brother and doesn't want him to grow up. My friend Kari Lynn is the queen of thrift and after a quick raid of the Big Guy's workshop she made some great Halloween signs for her yard. One says, "vampires suck" and the other says "eat, drink and be scary". I finished the centers for the 26 ornaments I'm making for the exchang…


I saw this a few nights ago and thought I was on the comedy channel or something. I mean, really?

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a much needed weekend at home, though we did miss seeing the extended family, we truly needed to get some jobs done around our house in preparation for the colder days ahead. I roasted a turkey on Sunday, because I wanted gravy and stuffing and then I made homemade turkey soup on Monday. Yum!

Russ finished the shelves in his office and they look so amazing! Our junk on them won't do them justice in the beauty department but they will do what they were meant for, and that's gotta count for something.
We topped the shelf with an inlay of slate. I love how it looks. There is still one shelf that needs to be restained due to some drips we didn't notice, but for all intents and purposes this bad boy is done.
Kia wondered around Sunday taking photos of everything. Even Mom and Dad.
And Roopert of course. No wait, I think Russ took this one.
Monday we started moving stuff back in the office, Russ got up on the roof and cleaned out the eaves trough's - ewww, Kia and I r…

Studio Tour and Art Happiness

I have dropped the blogging ball. I've been trying to use my time more effectively, and in so doing, don't have a lot of free time on the computer. I also haven't had much to say, so it's all good. Today I thought I'd share some photos of the studio and some of the art work I've made recently.

Here's a bit of a sneak peek at the ornament I'm making for the exchange this year. The final design is slightly different but this is one of the prototypes that I played with: I have art laying around the studio and really need to find a better storage system before I destroy this stuff. I usually have it all stacked on a shelf, but the girls were over last night and so I pulled them out to share.
Check out the art easel Russ made for's so massive and I love it. I don't love the painting sitting on it right now though. It's an assignment for a class and I hate it. I've even given it a mocking title called, "Eggs in Space". Th…