Thrift Store finds

I've done a monthly stop at my favorite thrift store over the past few months. I've made some sweet finds. I've gone weekly over the past weeks, but that is more due to the fact that I'm on the prowl for a gently used set of furniture for the front room.
I fell in LOVE with this goblet set. HEAD over heals in love at first site. The price for my set of 6 goblets was $14.00, which is a bit steep for my thrifting budget but the love factor was so high that I gave in and bought them on the spot. I know enough about glass to recognize that they were cranberry glass, but after that I didn't know what year or their "street value" in the antique community.

A little online searching and I discovered what I had found. It's a vintage set made during the 1940's and 50's in the King's Crown pattern by the Tiffin Glass Company. Online they're going for $12.00 a glass, so I don't feel so bad about $14.00 for 6.
My other favorite find was a Mango Wood Bowl. Comparable bowls run for $85.00 online and I scored this bad boy for $1.50. I was so happy when I found it I actually phoned my husband to gush about it. I don't do that. Ever. But come on...$1.50 people! I've spent more on juice.

In the summer I scored a vintage set of Pyrex that was too pretty to resist (click on the link to see, I didn't take photos but my set is identical). I loved the soft butter yellow color and the green vine was so darling. There are some big time pyrex lovers out there and I found a site called Pyrex Love that helped me identify my pattern as Shenandoah. I say this with love and honour, but if your Granny has some of this pattern in her cupboards, keep me in mind when the old girl passes, eh?
To most people this book is probably junk, but I had a book just like this as a kid that I looked at constantly. For 50 cents I couldn't resist revisiting a part of my childhood. I don't have a lot of memorablia from my childhood and I'm okay with this, but every now and then I see a book or a toy and I so wish I had that item back again, saved and preserved over time in a family home I can revisit.
With some TLC (and a dusting rag) I hope this little roller top desk storage unit will look great in Russyl's new office. I can see the little compartments holding stamps, and business cards, maybe some paperclips or other such office stuff. It might just sit on a shelf looking decorative for all I know but it seemed like a great addition to the room and cost as much as a slurpee.
Lastly, here is a little teapot I picked up for Kia, She was talking about how she doesn't have anymore teapots for her kitchen stuff. She's 10 and I guess this is still important. I thought this sweet little pot was a steal for under $2.00!

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