"Random Musings" in sick font

Life is stuffy in the Pistachio house this week. Russ, then Kia, then me, have all been taking our turn with the back to school cold. Gotta say I'm having some of the best sleeps ever with this one, deep restful sleeps that leave me feeling awesome for the first few hours of the day. I guess it's not all misery and woe.
I saw these picture at another blog and they make me want to cut my hair short. I love everything about her hair (Aussie model Catherine McNeil) and the styling of the shots. They are images from the August issue of Australian Vogue and the photos are by Nicole Bentely.
The job of the sick is to rest and I've been spending hours on little blog hikes that take me to unknown destinations. Blogs are really one of my favorite inventions and sources of time wasting. Here are some of my discoveries:
This little darling mini message banner made by french toast fridays is so cute to me. Maybe it's the photograph of it coming out of an envelope that appeals to me but whatever it is...it melts my heart.
I've discovered a clothing line that makes me think I could maybe become a clothes horse. I love almost every single piece of clothing made at Boden. Dear company...please come to Canada!
Posh pixels is such a cute etsy shop. I love personalized candy. I have lots more I've discovered, but tummies are growling and this little online hiatus has drawn to a close. More to come another day.

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