A September Mash-Up

It's that time again. Back to school. AGHHH. We have a grade sixer and I can hardly believe it. She's grown so much over the past 5 years. I completely forgot to take photos of her on the first day of school, but here is the next best thing, a photo snapped before achievement days last night: Last weekend we enjoyed two firepits, and a corn bust and in my books, that makes for a great weekend. Roopert is smelling terrible. It's been raining throughout the week and every time he gets wet, the skunk smell is reactivated. Also, we've only caught one skunk so far. I'm hoping it's the one that matters.
If you wonder if we still love the little stink ball...here is the proof (from Kia's end anyway): Today has been spent writing a talk for church on Sunday. I'm almost done and it's only Thursday. This will be a personal best for me, as my procrastination for such assignments usually leaves me panicking Saturday afternoon. I've also found time to add some goodies to a craft project I started. Kia is going to make a tutorial for this little project and share it on the art blog in the next week. Yes, it's Halloween time!

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