Christmas Ornaments on the Brain

That Christmas countdown below has got me motivated!

Last year I mentioned something about the ornament exchange I was in, perhaps the tale of my dog eating my favorite ornament, comes to mind. Well, we've had all year to get going on our batch for the 2010 exchange in November. I've kinda known what I wanted to do right from the start. I've even been ordering little bits and bobs for them over the summer and have accumulated everything I need over the past weeks as I've finally committed to the design.

Today, I started the process of hand painting strips of canvas that will be used in the ornament, each little creation will require 4 hand painted pieces of canvas, 4 pieces of ribbon, 2 pieces of grunge board and a center sealed in epoxy. And I need 24 of them, can we say labor intensive? What was I thinking? My only excuse is that what I see in my head is so pretty, I just have to try to make it real.

Wish me luck!

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