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Thrift Store finds

I've done a monthly stop at my favorite thrift store over the past few months. I've made some sweet finds. I've gone weekly over the past weeks, but that is more due to the fact that I'm on the prowl for a gently used set of furniture for the front room.
I fell in LOVE with this goblet set. HEAD over heals in love at first site. The price for my set of 6 goblets was $14.00, which is a bit steep for my thrifting budget but the love factor was so high that I gave in and bought them on the spot. I know enough about glass to recognize that they were cranberry glass, but after that I didn't know what year or their "street value" in the antique community.
A little online searching and I discovered what I had found. It's a vintage set made during the 1940's and 50's in the King's Crown pattern by the Tiffin Glass Company. Online they're going for $12.00 a glass, so I don't feel so bad about $14.00 for 6.
My other favorite find was a M…

Letter to the Dog Groomer

Dear Dog Groomer,

Roopy smells like skunk, again. Third times the charm, eh? (Nervous laughter) You may have noticed he didn't want to get groomed today, the whimpering and clawing at me for dear life were strong indicators. On top of his nervousness at being there, and the smell, he also had a small case of the runs this morning. Um, but I'm sure that's all better now. Well, hopefully. Oh, and I hope you remember that I want to keep the little blonde tuft of hair at the end of his tail, and a mohawk would be pretty cool as well, but if you don't remember, I'll understand, because, I get the smell can be pretty mind blowing, and not in a good way.

Hopefully, we'll still be friends after the next few hours.

Your faithful customer,

That Skunky family with the Yorkie
(No, he didn't get sprayed again since the last time but oh how the smell lingers on)

Alberta Arts Days

Today, Saturday and Sunday there are lots of free art related activities and tours to take part in all over Alberta. It's also a weekend of free admission to provincially run historical sites and Museums.

Christmas Ornaments on the Brain

That Christmas countdown below has got me motivated!

Last year I mentioned something about the ornament exchange I was in, perhaps the tale of my dog eating my favorite ornament, comes to mind. Well, we've had all year to get going on our batch for the 2010 exchange in November. I've kinda known what I wanted to do right from the start. I've even been ordering little bits and bobs for them over the summer and have accumulated everything I need over the past weeks as I've finally committed to the design.

Today, I started the process of hand painting strips of canvas that will be used in the ornament, each little creation will require 4 hand painted pieces of canvas, 4 pieces of ribbon, 2 pieces of grunge board and a center sealed in epoxy. And I need 24 of them, can we say labor intensive? What was I thinking? My only excuse is that what I see in my head is so pretty, I just have to try to make it real.

Wish me luck!


Halloween Countdowns at
For those who enjoy the countdown goodies WiddlyTinks has some really cute ones! By the way...check this one out:

Christmas Countdowns at
Are you even remotely ready? I'm not!

"Random Musings" in sick font

Life is stuffy in the Pistachio house this week. Russ, then Kia, then me, have all been taking our turn with the back to school cold. Gotta say I'm having some of the best sleeps ever with this one, deep restful sleeps that leave me feeling awesome for the first few hours of the day. I guess it's not all misery and woe.
I saw these picture at another blog and they make me want to cut my hair short. I love everything about her hair (Aussie model Catherine McNeil) and the styling of the shots. They are images from the August issue of Australian Vogue and the photos are by Nicole Bentely.
The job of the sick is to rest and I've been spending hours on little blog hikes that take me to unknown destinations. Blogs are really one of my favorite inventions and sources of time wasting. Here are some of my discoveries:
This little darling mini message banner made by french toast fridays is so cute to me. Maybe it's the photograph of it coming out of an envelope that appeal…

Halloween Altered Book

We shared some instructions on making your own Halloween themed book sculpture over at our 12:34 Art Blog. Check it out!

A September Mash-Up

It's that time again. Back to school. AGHHH. We have a grade sixer and I can hardly believe it. She's grown so much over the past 5 years. I completely forgot to take photos of her on the first day of school, but here is the next best thing, a photo snapped before achievement days last night: Last weekend we enjoyed two firepits, and a corn bust and in my books, that makes for a great weekend. Roopert is smelling terrible. It's been raining throughout the week and every time he gets wet, the skunk smell is reactivated. Also, we've only caught one skunk so far. I'm hoping it's the one that matters.
If you wonder if we still love the little stink is the proof (from Kia's end anyway): Today has been spent writing a talk for church on Sunday. I'm almost done and it's only Thursday. This will be a personal best for me, as my procrastination for such assignments usually leaves me panicking Saturday afternoon. I've also found time…


Just as I started feeling that I had removed the most offensive skunk smell from the house...I preheated the oven.! It smelt like I was cooking one. Heaven help me, I have the sucker (oven) on self clean mode right now, and I hope that does the trick. It's these little ongoing (what's the opposite of a tender mercy?) episodes that make me loathe the little critters.

Here and Now

Last night we worked on a few projects in the backyard. I noticed how beautiful the Evans Cherry Bush was looking and thought I'd better snap some pictures before the birds eat them all up and the rest find their way to my composter.

Yesterday afternoon was a productive time for me. I sat down at the sewing machine and made 7 zippy cases. 4 of them are full size pencil cases (lined of course using my favorite tutorial found here - with this tutorial for the zipper) 2 of them were little coin/lip balm size cases and one is the perfect size for a pair of sunglasses (used the book - make cute stuff for the smaller pouches). And yes, I only set out to make 1 pencil case. So if you need a pencil case...I'm your girl! This is what was left after Kia picked her favorite (owl print) bag.
And the best news of all...We caught a skunk the other night! Whoop whoop! I was so excited. Nothing last night Hope you have a great long weekend!

Hey Smelly Tramp

It's 10:00 am on the first day of September and the scent of eau de skunk is fierce in my world yet again. Not only my world but also the world of my immediate family and neighborhood. I'm beginning to think the horrid anonymous poster that still regales me with insults has a black stripe down their back. Someone's clearly not a fan.
Tale No. 3
Since our last skunk interlude, we have put some security measures in place that have probably only acted as a source of amusement to the demon spawn, but made me feel somewhat better. I placed outdoor lighting against the house in the backyard and installed a flashlight practice that was performed on a daily basis once it got dark. We shone lights through the window in the den, flashed lights in the backyard and would even go out ourselves with the flashlight and shine it around the yard, in all the dark bits, till we felt sure there was no skunk.
ALL of these things we did last night. NONE of these things worked. Russ went …