That's What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas...

Man, that songs been in my head for days. Now hopefully I've managed to transplant it elsewhere. Another whirlwind family vacation has been enjoyed and survived. We celebrated the Big Guy's 3o-something birthday Vegas style this year.Vegas style for us is probably very different than what it is for most people. For us, it means we roast ourselves by the pool for hours a day, eat, take in Vegas shows and repeat. There is no wild partying, no booze, no adult only shows and not even a penny is spent on gambling.

Now before you get all uppity that we're doing it wrong...let me be the first to point out that one does not need to gamble to lose money in Vegas. Only the hotel room was cheap. Highlights of the trip were seeing the Cirque du Soleil's production KA, Disney's The Lion King, the Pool at the Flamingo, and the gloriously hot weather. To our delight we spent everyday with temperatures hovering over 100'F. Heaven to us sun starved Canucks.Some proof of the heat we enjoyed. Look closely and you can see the outside temperature at 112'F...that's 44'C. More please! Really, we are gluttons for these kind of temperatures. Bring it! Oh, hey Donny, fancy bumping into you here at the Flamingo. You don't mind following us out to the garden to take some pictures of us, do you? I didn't think so. Those Osmond's are so obliging. ;) Such a pretty little spot, I had to take another photo during the daytime without the help of any Osmond's. The next photo is of the birthday boy right before we went to see the Lion King, which we all loved and made me cry. It really was a beautiful show and the music was hands down the best live singing I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. That night Miss Universe was also taking place at the same hotel so there were some beautifully decked out people wondering around. A hardship for any guy on his birthday to have to look at stunning women in ballgowns. :)I should mention that our seats were FANTASTIC. Five rows back and smack dab in the middle of the theater. Best seats I've ever had for show. Later that night at Caesars Palace a stranger snapped a blurry photo for us. How nice of him. Russ had Miss Universe and I had a manner of speaking (tee hee). It was everywhere, mocking me with it's goodness and yummy ripples. Oh how I love thee...I'm talking about the gelato people. The water fountain shows at the Bellagio are still one of my favorite things to see in Vegas. I think we saw around 6 shows this year. The photo below is the mist created right before the Titanic show. LOVED it, this one and All that Jazz were my fav's. I video taped them, but I won't torture you with them. Life at the pool. At least 4 hours a day was spent roasting ourselves in the desert heat. LOVE! Russ with his constant beverage...Mountain Dew. We didn't just lounge by the pool. We also did some shopping. Our most favorite show of all was KA by Cirque du Soleil. Wow! We were in the 12th row to the left side of the stage. It was a great spot, but I still would recommend trying to get in the center section if you're going. Here's the trailer for the show:

Miss Kia, in the gift shop after show trying on some of the fun masks.
People kept telling us it was THE show to see in Vegas and I have to agree. Maybe not "life changing" as some described it, but whenever I looked over at Kia her jaw as literally hanging down. All of us were enthralled the entire time. Completely transported into a magical world. Later that night Kia took this one of us while we waited for...another Bellagio show. :) Our last day in Vegas we rented a car and drove out to Hoover Dam, a first for all of us. Interesting place, though I HATED being so deep under ground in the tour. I did have flashbacks from Vegas Vacation and Lord of the Rings that amused me. Because I can't resist...

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