Project Updates (humour me)

First - the Office.

Not many people have laid eyes on our office. It was once our guest room, and Darren and his entire family somehow (magically) fit into that room for two nights. But really, it has been the quick-I-have-no-place-to-put-this-so-I'll-shove-it-here-room. Since, I'm not one to share my messy rooms with people, it has remained close doored and unused for the most part of our 5+ years in this house.

The walls were yellow and I liked the color at first when we moved in, but it soon became a dirty yellow that made you think it was maybe once white but chain smokers locked themselves in there and then the walls took on a yellow hue. Not so great, and the was horrible from day 1. It was 3 different carpets glued together. There were little brown dots everywhere, like maybe a mechanic had dripped some car oil all over the place. It felt great to rip that carpet out of that room and paint the walls. It looked better destroyed.

We've painted and Russ almost single-handedly laid the floor himself, while I occasionally swept, vacuumed, held wood and complimented his stamina.
Russ is building shelves that will run the length of the room and then we'll install some baseboards and fill this bad boy up. Can't wait!

Rooperts Dog House

It's become a bit of a side project today, out of the blue when we discovered a can of white and blue spray paint we decided to use them on Roopert's little outside house. Russ threw this little house together in a couple minutes from scraps from the shed he built.
The Mini Golf Hole

Family Home Evening had us outside creating our own little put put green. We've been threatening to do this for a year, and FINALLY it's done. Yet another use for the scrap bits of wood left over from our shed build...a mini golf course. I think we ended up buying a roll of indoor outdoor carpet and a piece of plumbing for the hole. About $20 total, the rest we already had on hand.We have lots of bricks in the garage so we pulled some out to line the course. They also act as quick little tools to change the layout and make the hole much more difficult. Needless to say, we've been playing a lot of mini golf around here over the past hours. No one has managed a hole in one, YET. But it's going to happen people. Roopert has become a hazard in the game as every so often he will go tearing after the ball and run away with it. Only to be chased by someone wielding a putter, and screaming for their ball back.

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