Monday Linky Love

Generation Meh: J. Maureen is one sassy chick. She really gives a great voice to people (like me) who don't fit the 9 - 5 corporate dream. I have loved reading her blog posts and vlogs.

Chamfort Quotes: French playwright who kinda rocks. Love his quotes...this one stood out to me today: “The only thing that stops God from sending another flood is that the first one was useless.” You may agree or disagree but gotta admit, it makes you think.

When I Grow Up: You know I love a site when it makes it to my cool chicks category on my blog. Sorry Heather Bailey, you've been dropped (um, does she understand that a blog must be used to be enjoyed?). Now don't all you fabric hoarders and sewing design nymphos run screaming over to this new link intent on finding floral patterns to buy - this is not that kinda of place. Michelle Ward is a life coach and I like her view of the world. Check out the link to see if you do too.

Edward Michell: An Alberta contemporary artist that I discovered at Capital Ex. He paints with the "guts" of the land. Using oil sands to create beauty, gold and silver leaf, paints derived from beets and leaves and blueberries. His work usually sells out and if I had $2500 laying around I would have bought one of his paintings on the spot.

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