Boy, do I ever have to channel my inner organizer over the next two weeks.
  • 3 weeks till school starts
  • 3 weeks to squeeze in as much summer as possible
  • 2 weeks 6 days till our ward probably splits
  • 2 weeks till Russyl's birthday
  • 1 week 6 days till our birthday trip for Russ
  • 1 and a half weeks till I have the RS garden party at my house
  • 1 and a half weeks till we finish the renovations on Russyl's office (or so I hope)
To some of you this might not seem like all that much, because some of you are Martha like rock stars. But for me, each little bullet requires a substantial amount of planning, mental preparation, and in a few cases, physical labor. Like the garden party...weeds are the entree of the day in my backyard, not so much pretty flowers and shrubbery. I must also mention that our "company" bathroom sink is our paint sink also, and will require an hour or two with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to make it anywhere near passable for company. Not that they could even get there because our staircase is lined with tools and decor for our renovation's all related like the darn Circle of Life song in Lion King (where I am clearly in the despair portion of the song).

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