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That's What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas...

Man, that songs been in my head for days. Now hopefully I've managed to transplant it elsewhere. Another whirlwind family vacation has been enjoyed and survived. We celebrated the Big Guy's 3o-something birthday Vegas style this year.Vegas style for us is probably very different than what it is for most people. For us, it means we roast ourselves by the pool for hours a day, eat, take in Vegas shows and repeat. There is no wild partying, no booze, no adult only shows and not even a penny is spent on gambling.

Now before you get all uppity that we're doing it wrong...let me be the first to point out that one does not need to gamble to lose money in Vegas. Only the hotel room was cheap. Highlights of the trip were seeing the Cirque du Soleil's production KA, Disney's The Lion King, the Pool at the Flamingo, and the gloriously hot weather. To our delight we spent everyday with temperatures hovering over 100'F. Heaven to us sun starved Canucks.Some proof of …

So Long...Farewell...


Off with the family for some much needed heat, some pool time and some shows in Vegas. Roopy gets to hang out with his second mother and hopefully NOT get sprayed by skunks (which is likely because our neighbor has caught 3 in the past few weeks) so all is right in everyone's world. I can't believe we get back only to have school start up immediately (sigh). But we still have enough time to make some memories before that happens.

Ode to Ross and Rachel...

Blog break 2010.

Just give me a week or two.
Must focus.
Must check off to do lists.
Must have a family vacation.

Thoughts on School

In my daughters 6 years in the public school system, I can honestly say she's had three excellent teachers. Three teachers that, I felt, did the best they could with the curriculum available to them, and then were able to bring their own sense of passion towards teaching through encouraging risk taking, curiosity, wonder and an ability to adapt. But I have to wonder is 50% good enough for our children?

What is school really about, what is its purpose? Some might answer by saying, it's about filling the youth of today with knowledge, or as Keek's school motto indicates: be the change you want to see in the world, ie...make the world a better place. Really, can we all possibly hope to agree on a similar answer? But for the sake of this little rant, let's go with the whole 'make the world a better place' concept.

Looking at our current school I would have to say that the focus is on language arts, math, socials, science, physical fitness and music. I must concl…

Project Updates (humour me)

First - the Office.

Not many people have laid eyes on our office. It was once our guest room, and Darren and his entire family somehow (magically) fit into that room for two nights. But really, it has been the quick-I-have-no-place-to-put-this-so-I'll-shove-it-here-room. Since, I'm not one to share my messy rooms with people, it has remained close doored and unused for the most part of our 5+ years in this house.

The walls were yellow and I liked the color at first when we moved in, but it soon became a dirty yellow that made you think it was maybe once white but chain smokers locked themselves in there and then the walls took on a yellow hue. Not so great, and the was horrible from day 1. It was 3 different carpets glued together. There were little brown dots everywhere, like maybe a mechanic had dripped some car oil all over the place. It felt great to rip that carpet out of that room and paint the walls. It looked better destroyed.

We've painted and Russ…

Need to channel some of this in my life...


Boy, do I ever have to channel my inner organizer over the next two weeks.
3 weeks till school starts3 weeks to squeeze in as much summer as possible2 weeks 6 days till our ward probably splits
2 weeks till Russyl's birthday1 week 6 days till our birthday trip for Russ1 and a half weeks till I have the RS garden party at my house1 and a half weeks till we finish the renovations on Russyl's office (or so I hope)To some of you this might not seem like all that much, because some of you are Martha like rock stars. But for me, each little bullet requires a substantial amount of planning, mental preparation, and in a few cases, physical labor. Like the garden party...weeds are the entree of the day in my backyard, not so much pretty flowers and shrubbery. I must also mention that our "company" bathroom sink is our paint sink also, and will require an hour or two with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to make it anywhere near passable for company. Not that they could even get there…

Who got bit the most?

Just got in from a lovely evening by the fire pit. Russ and Kia were playing on the trampoline, Roopert obsessing about little critters, and I was the fire starter and tender. Any guesses on who will have the most mosquito bites tomorrow? I'm thinking Russ, but by the itchiness of my ankle, it might just be me. Thankful the storm never did materialize and that let us keep our promise to our kidlet tonight.

Some Inspiration for a quiet Thursday

We headed out to get haircuts today and finalized some details for Russyl's birthday trip to Vegas. Afterwards I took Kia out for a few photo's. She's growing up faster than my eyes can register the changes. Must document them more! Now I'm trying to work up the courage to go outside and do some weeding...

Monday Linky Love

Generation Meh: J. Maureen is one sassy chick. She really gives a great voice to people (like me) who don't fit the 9 - 5 corporate dream. I have loved reading her blog posts and vlogs.

Chamfort Quotes: French playwright who kinda rocks. Love his quotes...this one stood out to me today: “The only thing that stops God from sending another flood is that the first one was useless.” You may agree or disagree but gotta admit, it makes you think.

When I Grow Up: You know I love a site when it makes it to my cool chicks category on my blog. Sorry Heather Bailey, you've been dropped (um, does she understand that a blog must be used to be enjoyed?). Now don't all you fabric hoarders and sewing design nymphos run screaming over to this new link intent on finding floral patterns to buy - this is not that kinda of place. Michelle Ward is a life coach and I like her view of the world. Check out the link to see if you do too.

Edward Michell: An Alberta contemporary artist that I di…