I can't believe this is happening again.

Roopert got sprayed by a skunk. Again. For real. At about 11:20 last night.

He didn't make a sound. No barking madly like last time. Silence followed by stink. I was in the bedroom, smelled skunk and just knew. KNEW. And walking to the back door, the smell was strong! Intensely so, and I had flash backs to last summer. For those of you that have never been present moments after a skunk sprays, it smells like a balloon factory is on fire. It is kinda hard to recognize it as skunk at first, because it is so incredibly overpowering.

He looked gray when I saw him. He seemed to have temporary blindness. I had strong feelings of dread regarding the next 45 minutes. We rinsed him outside with a mixture of vinegar and water then washed him with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and some Dawn dish detergent. I haven't been able to bring myself to smelling his head yet today, but it seemed to work really well. He kept vomiting up this foam stuff afterwards and I think he might have gone into shock, but within an hour of the spraying, he was playing and tail was wagging a mile a minute. It was very annoying.

Miserable night with skunk smell permeating everything in the house. Kia was in tears and we ended up setting her up in the basement where the smell was the lightest. I'm burning incense like I'm from the 60's and have a drug habit but it is the only think making life bareable this morning. My visiting teachers are really going to have to channel some inner strength as they enter my home today.

Anyone want a dog?

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