The Weekend

The old saying, "Make hay while the sun shines," about sums up this summer entirely. We seem to get small pockets of lovely weather, immediately followed by long stretches of rainy, thundering, overcast darkness. Saturday was a great day. I hit the gym early, Russ mowed the lawn, Kia...well she probably did speed stacking, and then we went down to Old Strathcona to take in the annual Art Walk.
I didn't want to take photos of the paintings, as you never know what copyright issues you may be infringing on, though I did manage to get one wall of paintings quite by accident. The South side of the street wasn't too busy but when we hit the North end, it was super crowded.

I really enjoyed it, and the time just flew by! You really have to be secure with your child seeing nudes to make this event a family affair. Kia said to me a number of times, "that image is disturbing" and then my eyes would follow her finger as it pointed to a nude painting of a some perfectly or not so perfectly formed woman's naked body. My response was, "it's supposed to be disturbing, you're 10."

We all found pieces we really loved, and quite honestly, even if it had all just been Kincaid like landscapes, we would have been happy to be out and about in the sunshine. Later that night Russ and Kia ventured into the pool as I put some weed barrier down in the garden, at long last. Looking forward to more sunny patches we can take advantage of.

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