Weekend Warrior Baby

Friday, Keeks and I spent almost the entire day at Capital Ex. We were there from opening till 9ish at night. Too much entertainment is our excuse. I must mention that before we left we walked Roopert and the only thing worse than him is the MOSQUITO'S. Help! It was insane, like nothing I've ever experienced. Note to self: don't walk Roopert in the woods, or through grass unless you wish to be eaten alive.

So at Capital Ex we watched the Super Dog show, saw the Chinese Acrobats (who knew you could do so much with a ceramic pot), took in the hypnotist guy (which Kia loved so much) and then went to the semi finals of the talent show. There was a huge storm that night, but we were dry in the ballroom at Northlands when it hit, as we were watching talented youth entertain us, yay!

Our plans for the August long weekend are a bit labour intensive...as we are renovating the room known as Russyl's office. Today we have removed the junk from this room (applause are truly in order for this feat), patched the holes in the wall, pulled up the carpet and underlay and removed all the nails and staples in the floor. Russ also found time in the midst of all this to finish a paint aisle for Keeks and me to use and it ROCKS. We're a bit tired now. Just watched my current favorite show - The Next Great Artist and are just settling in to watch a movie.

Photos to follow eventually. Enjoy your long weekend - may the mosquitoes leave you alone wherever you be.

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