Thoughts on Miracles

Yesterday I was sitting in church and was listening to a couple opinions on miracles. Basically, sharing stories and experiences that made it seem like their adherence to the gospel had protected them from bad outcomes. Accidents that they walked away from that they shouldn't have but did. I understand the protection they are speaking of, but a part of me baulked.

Some part of what they were saying seemed to be..."we're so special and so worthy, that bad things just don't happen to us." I realize my experience has been very different. I have been the recipient of a few big challenges. Challenges that a miracle would have been very welcome. But the Lord didn't grant those requests in fact, my hearts desire, was not given to me but was taken away.

Miracles were not what I needed. I wanted them. Desperately. But I guess I didn't need them.

I wonder how many other people in that room were like me. Who understand that sometimes you don't need a miracle. Sometimes you don't walk away unhurt or unscathed from your challenges. Sometimes the miracle is in how you work your way back to happiness. How you forgive and learn to laugh again. The miracle may still happen, but it's a quiet thing, an imperfect thing, a note from heaven that you truly will not be given more than you can bare.

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