Summer laziness

I'm trying to sum up what our days have been like but writing it down will only make us sound like bored surfers with no waves...the weather has been sucking, up until a couple days ago. The sun is shining [finally] and the bored surfers are enjoying alberta, okay this metaphor has lost it's usefullness (which I spelled wrong - whatever). We have one of those soft sided pools (our second thanks to KL who gave us their hand me down when ours died) only this one has Sesame street characters rocking out in scuba gear. I know you're jealous now.

It was quite the undertaking setting that bad boy up. I have spent a lot of time patching holes, emptying the pool, patching, filling, then repeating the process. I think we're good now. It sits right beside the trampoline and the urge to jump in from the trampoline is strong. Though it would probably hurt, there have been known to be some willing jumpers (Bree and Janie).

My vegetable garden is looking so great. I'm currently trying to figure out how to get my cauliflower to actually flower - I have some rocking leaves though. I've read that you have to tie the leaves together to protect the white cauliflower someday when that happens I'll try it.

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